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“The fight against corruption will be won, if we collectively fight it”….Abdullahi

Mr. Omnidirectional, chairman, NIM, aviation chapter, CPD boss NCAA Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi, lecturer at the event and Mrs, Amaka Amechi at the 2nd quarter NIM at the NCAA annex, Lagos

Director, Consumer Protection, CPD, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi says for the societies and workplaces to be free from the menace of corrupt practices, each individual must be determined to put a stop to it right from their individual homes.

Speaking at a seminar of the 2nd quarter of the Nigerian Institute of Management, aviation branch held at the NCAA annex, in Lagos, Alhaji Abdullahi stressing that ‘charity begins at home’ said corruption is a monster that must be collectively fought to a standstill to succeed in ending poverty, political instability, youth restiveness, unemployment, bad image for the country among others.

“According to a 2017 survey study by Dimant, E. and Tosato G., the following factors have been attributed as causes of corruption: Higher levels of bureaucracy and inefficient administrative structures,Low levels of democracy, weak civil participation and low political transparency, low press freedom, economic freedom, degree of integration in the world economy and levels of government decentralization”.

Speaking on the topic: Workplace Corruption: Management perspective, the CPD boss said Corruption ranged from small favors between a small number of people, to corruption that affects the government on a large scale and to corruption that is so prevalent and had become part of the everyday structure of society, including corruption as one of the symptoms of organized crime.

“Factors which encourage systemic corruption include conflicting incentives, discretionary powers, monopolistic powers, lack of transparency, low pay and a culture of impunity. Specific acts of corruption include “bribery, extortion, and embezzlement” in a system where “corruption becomes the rule rather than the exception.”

Alhaji Abdullahi noted that those who justify corruption in the country are clog in the wheels of the progress of the socio-economic development and growth of the country, adding that such individuals do not mean well for the country.

He stressed that the key deterrent of fraud and corruption is awareness and prevention, adding that the fight against corruption should not be left in the hands of government alone.
According to him, workers in the aviation industry must shun unethical behaviour and unprofessional conditions to promote safety and security.
” corruption in the aviation industry will lead to deaths, let’s always do the right thing.
“The key deterrent of fraud and corruption is awareness and prevention. Some of the processes which are deemed most effective involve denial of opportunity, effective leadership and oversight, auditing and pre-employment screening.
Denial of opportunity may be translated in the form of internal controls and consistently adhering to clearly defined procedures established by the Management”.

A management consultant, Mr. Eric Kayode said Nigerians must be proactive now that the society and government are willing to fight corruption with the whistle blower policy and the strengthening of the economic and financial crimes commission, EFCC to reduce corruption to the barest.

Chairman of the event, Alhaji Ahmed Sanusi, Director, Human resources and administration in the NCAA appealed to workers in the industry to have zero tolerance for corruption for the survival of the industry.

He observed all who have been appointed to position of authority in this present dispensation in the aviation industry are professionals and experts into positions they currently occupy.
Alhaji Sanusi said the present administration is committed to the development and growth of the industry, adding that all is being done to ensure that the industry operates according to standards and recommended practices.

Participants at the seminar, during the questions and comments, called for increased awareness on the consequences of corruption, promote integrity and honour to deter people from such vices, adding that there should be a reward system to encourage people to always do the right thing.

Highlights of the event was the presentation of gifts by the Nigeria Institute of Management NIM, aviation branch to dignitaries at the event which included the lecturer, Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi, Alhaji Ahmed Sanusi, director, Human resources and administration ,NCAA,Hajia Bilkisu, Director, Finance and Accounts, NCAA, representative of the DG, NCAA, Captain Muhtar Usman, Haji Salamatu Enuma, director, Human resources, FAAN represented by the General Manager, training FAAN, Mr. Abraham Inajoh.


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