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Efficiency Overhaul: FAAN and NSA Team Up to Ease Airport Security Hassles

Mrs Olubunmni Kuku, Managing Director FAAN

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) have finalized plans to reduce the presence of military and paramilitary personnel at Nigeria’s international airports.

This is aimed at minimizing delays and inconveniences caused by multiple baggage checks.

The Managing Director, FAAN, Mrs Olubunmni Kuku who disclosed this in Lagos in a chat with the media said, this is in response to mounting complaints about excessive screenings by various security agencies within airport terminals, adding that, aviation experts have urged for a more streamlined approach. 

According to her, they have also suggested reducing personnel numbers and centralizing check processes to minimize passenger inconvenience.

To this end, Mrs. Kuku, revealed that both agencies have agreed on short and long-term measures to tackle the issue. 

These measures include establishing a joint coordination room equipped with CCTV cameras for enhanced surveillance and targeted inspections.

Mrs. Kuku emphasized the importance of addressing the issue promptly, stating that she personally discussed the matter with the National Security Adviser, Mr. Nuhu Ribadu. 

She outlined plans for both immediate and long-term solutions, including reducing the number of agencies present at airports and implementing a centralized coordination room for improved monitoring.

While acknowledging the necessity of baggage checks, Mrs. Kuku highlighted efforts to enhance efficiency and minimize passenger disruption.

Measures include deploying dual-view cameras and relocating explosive detection devices to facilitate secondary screenings without the need to open passengers’ bags.

The FAAN boss reassured passengers that efforts are underway to improve coordination and minimize disruptions, with support from the NSA.

She also clarified that secondary screenings are a global practice, citing examples from airports like Frankfurt.


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