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Aviation experts to discuss one year accident free commercial aviation at the 13th Akwaaba African Travel ‘Aviation Day’

Picture: 12th Akwaaba African Travel Market Aviation Day, Lagos

Experts in the aviation industry in Africa will be gathering at the 13th Akwaaba African Travel Market to x-ray the successes recorded in the sector during the 2016 operational year. It was a year with Commercial Jet hull loss in Africa.

The most safest year in Commercial Aviation in Africa. This is against the backdrop of decades of problematic safety level in Africa. The 13th Akwaaba Africa Travel Market, Aviation Day, will be holding at Eko Hotel and Suites from September 10th– 12th 2017.

This year’s Aviation Day with the theme “One Year Commercial Free Accident Aviation. What Did Africa do right?” is expected to have aviation professionals from global aviation organisations, like the International Air Transport Association, IATA, African Civil Aviation Commission, AFCAC, African Airlines Association, AFRAA and Chief Executives of airlines in the continent.
The 12th edition of the travel and tourism conference with the theme ‘The State of Aviation in Africa Why do Airlines Fail’ which was well attended by travel experts examined the challenges bedevilling African carriers with a view to proffer solutions to the problem inhibiting the growth of airlines in the continent. At the event it was revealed that 37 Airlines collapsed in Africa within a decade.

The 13th edition of Africa Travel and Tourism Conference is aimed at transferring knowledge covering travel, hospitality and aviation sectors from globally rated experts. Apart from the annual Exhibition which offers participants the opportunity to expose their Product to the Travelling Public and travel trends in a face to face format, the 13th AKWAABA African Travel Market will be imparting knowledge to its various participants through Seminar, Networking, Exposure and Provision of new Skills.

The CEOs of Successful African Airlines have been invited to share their experience in running a successful Airline in Africa. Other speakers and Panelists invited will include Representatives from IATA and AFCAC. Leading Aviators from exhibiting countries are expected from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Togo, Dubai, Tanzania, Liberia, Rwanda, South Africa, Seychelles, Namibia and Nigeria.

Also, Olori super gal Media, Infobuddie, The Lagos Weekender, Olodonation and Social Prefect tours have been named as official Social Media partners for the Maiden edition of Chef Challenge/ Food Expo at Akwaaba Travel Market. The culinary event is aimed at promoting tourism in Nigeria by showcasing the best of Nigeria to an international audience. The tourism event will be hosting chefs from Ghana, Gambia and Nigeria to compete for Jollof rice challenge, 36 states in Nigeria compete for the best main meal and a group of Nigerian chefs compete for the best prepared rice in varieties.

These activities were created purposely to bring out the best in West Africa in terms of rice production and promoting the outlook of culinary tourism and local delicacies to foreigners thereby promoting indigenous hospitality and style.

The managing director of Olori Supar Gal, Tosin Ajibade is excited about the partnership, alongside the other media partners having been given the opportunity to network and mingle with professionals at the travel and tourism event.

The chef challenge event will be creating an opportunity for the Nigerian chef to network and grow their profile while promoting Nigerian culinary tourism and Hospitality industry.


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