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Aviation Ministry Pushes for Helicopter Operators to Comply with $300 Landing Levy

Festus Keyamo, Minister, Aviation and Aerospace Development

…urges operators to adapt to the new normal, give reasons, benefits 

The Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development is urging helicopter operators in the country to adhere to the $300 landing levy per landing. 

This move, deemed commendable by the ministry, aims to enhance helicopter operations’ quality and align with global practices. 

In a statement, Head of Press and Public Affairs, Odutayo Oluseyi, emphasizes the initiative’s goal to boost capacity, efficiency, safety, security, and attract more investment in the aviation sector. 

According to him, the introduction of the levy is mandated by the 2022 Act, empowering the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) to collect aeronautical revenues for self-sustainability. 

The statement notes that, historically, NAMA focused on upper airspace for revenue, but now, under government directive, it will concentrate on lower airspace, dominated by helicopter operations, to ensure adequate resources for sustaining aeronautical infrastructure, enhancing security, surveillance, and improving helicopter operations’ quality. 

This, NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited has been granted exclusive rights to collect helicopter landing levies through a Memorandum of Understanding with NAMA, the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, and the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority. 

This move, the statement says, aligns with international practices, citing examples from the United States and the United Kingdom where such levies have been in place since October 2022. 

The Ministry of Aviation affirms its commitment to implementing international best practices in collaboration with NAMA, recognizing the importance of helicopter operations in Nigeria’s aviation industry.


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