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Dana Air Temporarily Places Staff on Leave Amid Operational Audit

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Dana Air has temporarily placed some staff on leave as part of an operational audit initiated by regulatory authorities.

The decision to disengage pending the conclusion of the audit according to the airline in a statement was taken to ensure efficient management of resources and to facilitate a thorough review of operational procedures. 

The audit, currently underway, is a collaborative effort between Dana Air and the authorities to ensure compliance with all necessary standards and regulations. 

Dana Air reaffirms its commitment to full cooperation with the authorities to facilitate a smooth and expedited resolution of the audit process.

While acknowledging the dedication of its staff during this uncertain period, Dana Air acknowledges the challenges they’ve faced and assures them of efforts to resolve the situation promptly.
“Dana Air remains committed to providing updates and support to its staff throughout this process and 

While these challenges are being addressed, Dana Air has commenced talks with lessors and are currently engaging stakeholders on the progress made so far”. “Dana Air therefore urges for calm and understanding from our very dedicated staff for their altruism and stakeholders. The Management is working diligently to address any concerns and is preparing a restart plan that will ensure the safe and efficient resumption of operations”.

Dana Air expressed confident that with the continued support of its staff and stakeholders, it will overcome these challenges and emerge stronger than ever.


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