Britain deports 41 Nigerians, Ghanaians


…..over immigration issues

The British government has deported 41 Nigerians and  41 Ghanaians to Nigeria  over immigration issues classified as offenses in the English laws.

The Nigerian deportees, which comprised 33 males and eight females, arrived the cargo section of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos , in a chartered Airbus 330 aircraft with over 30 British security operatives escorts.

It was gathered that the deportees have been  in custody of the British government since October 2015 over issues related to illegal entry papers, family problems and expired stay among others.

The Director General of NEMA, represented by the Deputy Director, Search and Rescue, Dr. Bandele Onimole, said the Federal Government had been in touch with its British counterparts, towards reuniting the deportees with their families in Nigeria.

Mr. Onimole, however, emphasised that the returnees are not prisoners, but deported for violating immigration laws.

He said , “We are here this morning to receive Nigerians that have been brought back by authorities of the United Kingdom.

“As a responsible government, we can’t just leave our citizens to enter the country and start finding their ways. So it is our responsibly, NEMA on behalf of the Federal Government to ensure that, one they are well received and we need to talk to them, counsel them and let them realize that the country they left some years ago is not the same country they are meeting today, we have moved ahead and everybody has equal opportunity in the present day government to be the best you can be. Whatever your trading or leaning, ensure that you carve a niche for yourself. Where we tend to go to for greener pastures after all were developed by their own persons. So we should be able to proudly stay back here in Nigeria and ensure that we develop our own country”.

After profiling the deportees by officials of the immigration officials , they were given stipends by NEMA for feeding and transportation to their various communities within the country.






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