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A Half-Decade of Excellence: Ibom Air’s Journey and Vision for Tomorrow


Ibom Air, Nigeria’s leading airline, is marking a significant milestone today as it celebrates its 5th anniversary. Since its inception in 2019, the airline has been committed to providing reliable, exceptional air travel services in Africa.

Over the past five years, Ibom Air has achieved remarkable growth, expanding its fleet, increasing its route network, and enhancing the overall customer experience. The airline has consistently delivered impressive performance metrics, including industry-leading on-time performance.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished over the past five years,” said Mfon Udom, CEO of Ibom Air. “Our success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team and the unwavering patronage of our passengers. As we celebrate this milestone, we also congratulate our Shareholders, the Government, and the people of Akwa Ibom State for their committed ownership and strong support from the start.”

As part of its anniversary celebrations, Ibom Air is unveiling ambitious plans for the future. These include positioning itself as an ESG-responsible company with a clear sustainability vision and a rapid fleet and route expansion plan to tackle connectivity issues within the African region. 

The airline also plans to focus on technology, including the introduction of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to improve booking, check-in, and in-flight services.

“We have recently unveiled cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to improve our booking, check-in, and in-flight services while enhancing our self-service portal on the website to make it more user-friendly,” said George Uriesi, COO of Ibom Air. “Similar attention will be paid to one of our most critical touchpoints: our call center. We plan to make it a 24-hour service very shortly.”

In the area of sustainability, Ibom Air’s initiatives aim to reduce its environmental impact through sustainable practices, including the introduction of its brand new, fuel-efficient Airbus A220-300 aircraft. 

The airline plans to have a fleet of 11 of these aircraft, ensuring that its carbon footprint is in line with global best practice. Its corporate social responsibility program will focus on giving back to the less privileged and the vulnerable, positively impacting its communities.

To commemorate this milestone, Ibom Air will celebrate its people with a special recognition of staff who have been with the airline since its inception. 

“At Ibom Air today and every day, we appreciate our customers who have stayed with us and have been unwavering in their commitment to building this brand,” said Mr. Uriesi. “As a result, we pledge to continue to uphold the highest standards of safety, comfort, and convenience for our passengers.”


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