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Nigeria Air: Computer conceived and prematurely deleted….experts

Speakers s at ART Meeting
Aviation Experts today gathered at the quarterly Breakfast Business Meeting of the Aviation RoundTable Safety Initiative, ART to discuss why Nigerian airlines have short lifespan and the Importance of Corporate Governance, all that spoke at the event picked on the suspended Nigeria Air project which in their opinion was a computer conceived airline.
In his opening remarks, President ART, Elder Gbenga Olowo said the National Carrier was a distraction for the Industry, just as he noted that those that mattered in the industry were never carried along.
He stressed that the announcement of the airline was a Vote of No Confidence  for  the industry and had destabilized the sector planning wise.
“The announcement of the Nigeria Air shocked the industry, it was a Vote of no confidence in the Aviation industry”.
ART President, Elder Gbenga Olowo
Director of studies, Centre for International Advanced and Professional studies, Professor Anthony Kila said the suspension of the Nigeria Air was an additional to the dent on the country’s image as not serious.
Prof Anthony Kila, Director of studies, centre for International Advanced and Professional studies
He said the Nigeria Air project was conceived on PowerPoint, shared on Adobe and died on Twitter.
According to him, people were not carried along from the inception of the project, just as he added that the project lacked consideration, consultation and communication.
“Nigeria Air was conceived on PowerPoint, shared on Adobe and died on Twitter”.
“The project lacked the fundamentals on strategic management, they embarked on a project without consideration of the status quo, the effects on operators and looking into the future, the project was embarked on without consultation without those that matters in the industry”.
He added that when there was no communication failure was guaranteed,” this failure would have been avoided if there was a roundtable where information is shared and consultation with each other”.
Guest lecture at the event, Former Director General, Institute of Directors, IOD, Mr. Victor Adenrele Banjo said the Nigeria Air was a deceit as it never had a visible structure.
He emphasized that the National Carrier lacked fairness, accountability, transparency as it was shrouded in secrecy.
Former IOD DG. mr. Victor Banjo
“The 0% control of government is not evident, no visible structure. The idea was not to operate an airline but achieve other motives not disclosed, no wonder, it was a premature leading to still born.
Mr. Banjo adviced government to focus more on creating the enabling environment for businesses to thrive and business to the professionals.


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