May Day celebration: aviation workers list challenges to sector’s growth and development

May Day rally

As workers celebrates May Day, workers under the aegis of the Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association Of Nigeria (ATSSSAN) says the recession has hit the Nigerian aviation sector badly nearly leading to a collapse.

Speaking at the May Day celebration in Lagos, National President of ATSSSAN, Comrade Ilitrus Ahamadu on behalf of the National Administrative Committee (NAC) said the situation is not only made worse by the perennial scarcity and high cost of Jet-A1and aircraft maintenance parameters but also further aggravated by some attendant mismanagement in the sector, including “ungodly interventions of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), which priorities capitals over labour concerns in some aviation undertakings, one of which is the present precarious situation our members of the Aero Contractors Airlines are been faced with”.

On the theme of this year’s May Day- “Labour Relations in Economic Recession: An Appraisal”, the ATSSSAN president pointed out that the unexplainable anti-labour posture of denying workers the right to unionism by some private undertakings like; Dana Air; Medview Air; Bi-Courtney; Execujet and Arik Air, contrary to section 40 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended and other extant labour laws are also part of the problems of the sector.

He added that unconscionable and perpetual casualization of aviation workers in the guise of out-sourcing, contract staffing by some mean corporate organizations in the industry are part of the problems.

“Unsavory government policies which unduly interfere in the administration of the agencies in the aviation sectors such as the career invasion through imposition of managers from outside by the ministry to the detriment of the principle of career progression de-motivates and tend to dampen the morale of the toiling personnel are also part of it”, Illitus said.

On airport concession of four major airports by the Federal government, comrade Ilitrus described it as not only a security risk to the nation but also an economic terrorism, adding that “ATSSSAN will maintains it no to concession which does no good to our members in particular, and the nation in general”.
He also lamented the challenges faced by workers having to manage with excruciating working conditions, inadequate operational tools, promotions, salaries, allowances stagnation and incessant redundancy, especially in the private organizations, are not even appreciated by their bosses.

The ATSSSAN president promised that the Union is ever determined to continue to find solace in the spirit of their moto: “Dignity and Safety” as regard their engagements with employers of the members.


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