Xenophobic Evacuation: Barr.Onyema deserves our support and appreciation… Rusewe


….commends Airpeace boss

Barr.Allen Onyema, MD/CEO AirPeace airline

Director General National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), otunba segun Runsewe has lent his support to the unending plaudits to Barrister  Allen Onyeama, chairman, AirPeace for the prompt evacuation of Nigerians caught up in xenophobic attacks in South Africa. 

He appreciated and commended the AirPeace boss for being culturally sensitive to the cries of Nigerians who wished to return back to Nigeria, many who lost their means of livelihood to massive looting while  others were intimidated to leave South Africa.
” Barrister Oyeama  deserve our support and appreciation. He has shown capacity and candor, attributes expected of those privileged to be in forefront of our socioeconomic and political development.”,he noted, adding, ” his humility and humanity are engaging and resonates with the true culture of our people as their brothers keeper.”

Otunba Runsewe disclosed that he would create time to visit the AirPeace boss in lagos to convey his appreciation for his deep understanding of the nigerian culture of brotherhood which engenders unity and sacrifice.
Nigeria’s  consul General in Jo’burg, Godwin Adama, the entire staff and Mrs Abike Dabiri of the Diaspora commission were also commended by otunba Runsewe for standing up for the nation and people when the chips were down in South Africa.
” We at NCAC are happy for this very significant rescue mission to get Nigerians out trouble and we pray our country will rebound and have good cultural narratives to share with the world, a processes that would bond us together and make nigeria great again.” Runsewe explained further.
 “We  appreciate all who have contributed to this mission to bring Nigerians back and we wish to emphasize that Nigerians should be culturally sensitive and emulate the good gesture of the airPeace chairman who remains our model of how to be a true Nigerian”
Barrister  Allen Oyeama in the heat of the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa, volunteered  to send an aircraft to evacuate nigerians willing to return on Pro. Bono.


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