WIEN: Professional group pledges support for more women in the energy sector


…..set to champion networking, mentoring for young girls.

Members of WIEN and Panelists at the breakfast meeting in Lagos

A Group of Professional Women in the Energy sector under the aegis of Women in Energy Network, WIEN, are set  to support women to get better businesses, trainings and make better connections.

They are also ready to champion programmes devoted to networking and empowering women, mentoring young women professionals, promoting STEM for young girls and strengthening women owned  Small and Medium Enterprises, SME’s in the energy sector.

President of WIEN, Mrs. Funmi Ogbue, speaking  at a Breakfast Session organised by the Network in Lagos to commemorate the 2020 International Women’s Day, with the campaign theme “Closing the Energy Gap.”, said WIEN is an association established in 2020 to provide a platform for women across the Energy Sector value chain to build confidence and links to progress their careers or businesses.

She said the body was concerned and poised about bridging the gap between the male and female at all levels including the energy space, adding that while the issues remained critical, the debate about greater women inclusion in the energy landscape in particular and the economic, educational and political space in general, must not be muted. 

According to her, this is because statistics Indicated that women and girls are at the receiving end of an almost systematic gender gap in Nigeria. 
She stressed that the time had come for actionable solutions that could help to bridge this gap.

The WIEN president therefore called on the government at all levels (Federal and state) to strengthen existing policies that would attract more women into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

She also urged that governments at all levels must also promote women leadership in the energy sector by appointing more women as heads of agencies, parastatals and institutions at sectional, regional and international levels. 

“Women need to take leadership positions and develop their capacity to lead effectively, every effort must be made to facilitate access to Information & Communication Technology (ICT) as women become more successful when they have access to technology they can leverage.”

Also bridging the gap in her firm belief also includes, stimulating inclusive financing options for women is pivotal and the centre of economic empowerment for women and girls. 

Mrs. Ogbue appealed to men to become champions for women by creating a new conversation which would ensure sustainability of empowerment for women and girls.

She explained that the Breakfast Session was to avail members and guests the opportunity to discuss mandatory key initiatives to be implemented over the next 3-5 years, an execution plan and the efforts required to contribute to the agenda.

The session had speakers who presented papers on topics such as; Opportunities that exist in the oil and gas industry to close the energy gap, “Opportunities and government initiatives to close the energy gap, Encouraging women to collaborate and be the best they can be, Synergizing and Repositioning for Nigerian Petroleum Industry Reform, Energy Outlook etc.
The event also had robust discussions on the topics by carefully selected panelists and as well as questions and answers session by participants.

The Women in Energy Network is an association established in 2020 to provide a platform for women across the Energy Sector value chain to build confidence and links to progress their careers or businesses.   Membership of the Network cuts across individuals and women in energy establishments, honorary affiliate membership and student chapter affiliate membership i.e women in higher institutions studying energy related courses.


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