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Widows in Need: JEDLOF Calls for Collective Action


JEDLOF Founder, Mrs Ebele Okoye distributing food items to widows in Enugu State

In a bid to address the challenges faced by widows in society, Dr. (Mrs) Ebele Okoye, the founder of Jedidiah Divine Home of Love (JEDLOF), a non-governmental organization, has emphasized the crucial role that governments, organizations, and compassionate individuals must play.

Following the distribution of various items, including foodstuffs, to over 150 widows in Enugu state, Dr. Okoye urged all levels of government to take proactive steps.

She advocated the allocation of grants to empower widows to establish themselves, suggesting the employment of graduate widows and the creation of small-scale businesses for those without formal education.

Dr. Okoye, Former General Manager, Customer Service, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria FAAN, stressed the importance of governments providing support for widows’ children, proposing the establishment of funds to ensure their education from primary to secondary schools.

She also noted that addressing the challenges widows face should be a collective responsibility of the government.

Highlighting the plight of widows and their children in the face of poverty, Dr. Okoye called for a more concerted effort worldwide, contrasting the need for serious government initiatives with the current situation in Nigeria.

Regarding JEDLOF’s activities, Dr. Okoye revealed plans for 2024, anticipating significant projects dependent on available funds.

These include the construction of boreholes for communities, educational support for widows’ children, and empowering young widows through business initiatives.


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