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‘We look forward to more flights, connectivity and choices with Medview in Dubai’….director Dubai airports


Management of the Dubai International airports has applauded the ‘never give up spirit’ of the Managing Director, Medview airline, Alhaji Muneer Bankole for the successful flight launch into the United Arab Emirates hub, Dubai.
Speaking with reporters at a get-together to celebrate Medview airline Dubai launch, Director of aviation business management, commercial and communication group, Dubai airport, Khalil Lamrabet said they were happy to have Medview airline as part of their family.
He explained that in the last four years, management of Medview had been in talks with them to connect Nigeria to Dubai using the airport and was elated that it had materialized.
“We are very happy to have medview airline as part of our family from an airline perspective and to provide more choices for passengers from nigeria and finally we are happy that the account we have been working on for the last four years has materialized and we are looking forward to having more flights to Nigeria”.

Lamrabet noted that with the presence of Medview airline in Dubai, activities would be stimulated at the airports while also providing jobs and doing business with companies who are involved in air travel.
The Dubai airport Director, stressed that now there would be more connectivity, more flights and more choices for the teeming passengers using the airport.

“Medview airline flights will be connecting Dubai to Lagos via Abuja and this is really key and really an important market and important destination to obviously to west of Africa. We look forward to obviously having more flights, more connectivity and to provide more choices to our passengers in addition to the flights that are already operating to Nigeria right now”.

“So, we thank the management, we thank the team who we have been working with and we looking forward to increase and enhanced operations out of Nigeria” he concluded.
Highlight of the get-together was the cutting of the Welcome cake by the Dubai Airport management, supported by Medview airline managing Director, Alhaji Muneer Bankole, top management of the airport company and many others.


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