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Wakanow partners Eko Hotels and Suites to promote fusion of Africa’s rich Culture ‘The Pride Land’ 2022 Edition


Eko Hotels & Suites Launches ‘THE PRIDE LAND’ edition of Tropical Christmas Wonderland 2022, in a strategic partnership with Wakanow – Together, they put the spotlight On Africa’s Tourism potential with exciting family holiday packages this Christmas.

L- R: = Mr. Danny Kioupouroglou, General Manager, Eko Hotels and Suites; Mrs. Adenike Macaulay, Chief Commercial Officer, Wakanow; Mr. Adebayo Adedeji, Chief Executive Officer, Wakanow and Mrs. Iyadunni Gbadegbo, Director of Sales and Marketing, Eko Hotels and Suites at the press conference to announce the launch of The Pride land Edition of Tropical Christmas Wonderland in partnership with Wakanow in Lagos.

Africa’s leading travel agency Wakanow, is the official ticketing partner for the 2022 edition.

Wakanow, Africa’s leading travel tech company, has announced its partnership with Eko Hotels and Suites for the 2022 Prideland edition of the Tropical Christmas Wonderland that takes place annually.

They announced this during the Press Conference held at Eko Hotels and Suites on Wednesday, 10th August 2022.

To kick-start the Prideland edition, Wakanow has become the official ticketing partner for this year’s edition.

The travel agency with spread across Africa and the United Arab Emirates aims to transform the booking experience for clients and the organizers of the event.

Speaking on the partnership at the press conference, Mr. Adebayo Adedeji, Wakanow’s Chief Executive Officer, “We are excited to partner with Eko Hotels and Suites on this year’s edition of the event. We are bringing our expertise in travel and our ability to support Nigerian inbound tourism from all over the World.

“Our partnership with Eko Hotels and Suites would help us engage with one of the most passionate client bases in leisure, travel, holiday, and entertainment. To us, this isn’t just a ticketing deal, it’s a true partnership. Together, we will create only the best experiences for the Tropical Christmas Wonderland fans of today and tomorrow,” he added.

Speaking at the press conference to announce the collaboration, Wakanow’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mrs. Adenike Macaulay said, “this partnership for us expresses our desire to ensure that we are at the forefront of activities or events that help us promote the beauty and rich heritage of Africa. The Prideland Edition perfectly fuses the beauty of African culture while also preaching the gospel of leisure and relaxation.”

While speaking, the General Manager, Eko Hotels and Suites, Mr. Danny Kioupouroglou, noted that, “We are glad to bring Wakanow on board to be a part of the Tropical Christmas Wonderland, our new partner did a tremendous job integrating into their ticket sales ecosystem and providing our guests with a frictionless process to purchase packages and passes best-suited for the Prideland Edition.”

Also speaking at the event about the partnership was the Director of Sales and Marketing of Eko Hotels and Suites, Mrs. Iyadunni Gbadegbo said, “we partnered with Wakanow because of the synergy of purpose and direction that we have. The Tropical Christmas Wonderland- Prideland Edition will effectively position as the event that brings everyone together in Nigeria from all over the world.”

Prideland edition is a fusion of Africa’s rich culture and the magic of Christmas. Since 2019, Eko Hotel tropical wonderland has brought families together to celebrate Christmas and also create an atmosphere of endless fun.

This partnership is of utmost importance to Wakanow, as the brand is always looking for new ways to promote the vibrancy of African cultures. This partnership hopes to promote African culture by infusing Africa’s rich culture into every part of the Christmas wonderland celebration.

The Tropical Christmas Wonderland: Prideland Edition packages can be booked here: https://wakaevents.ng/en-ng/


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