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Vanderlande acquires Canadian software company Optosecurity


After working closely together for several years, Vanderlande has acquired the Canadian software company Optosecurity as of 29 June 2017.

The acquisition further strengthens Vanderlande’s integrated portfolio of solutions and position as the market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports.

Optosecurity’s software is a unique and market-leading platform for remote screening and data integration.

The combination of this intelligent software with Vanderlande’s automated passenger checkpoint solutions presents the opportunity for the new partnership to become the leading integrator of passenger screening processes at airports. This transaction is a logical step for Vanderlande in expanding its footprint beyond traditional baggage handling projects in this market.

“The acquisition of Optosecurity supports Vanderlande’s vision of value-added integrated airport logistics systems,” says Vanderlande’s Executive Vice President Airports, Andrew Manship. “We expect the joint strength of Vanderlande’s SCANNOJET automated passenger checkpoint solution and Optosecurity’s eVelocity remote screening application to become the winning solution.
“This will address the needs of our customers and add significant value in a demanding and rapidly changing global airport logistics environment. Consequently, it will increase the attractiveness of our solutions and enhance the proportion of our market share.”

Optosecurity’s CEO and President, Tim Mathews, added, “Optosecurity has a unique proposition for remote screening in passenger processing. As part of Vanderlande, we will be able to mature and expand our range of solutions. I am confident that Optosecurity will be an important and respected member of the Vanderlande family, and we will continue to serve our existing customer base and partners, as well as capitalise on new opportunities.”

Company profile of Optosecurity
Founded in 2004 and based in Quebec City, Canada, Optosecurity Inc. is a software company that brings innovative value-added capabilities to security operators with integrated, real-time operational data and analysis.

Specializing in remote screening (centralised image processing), Optosecurity delivers radically changing business concepts to the physical security industry, helping security checkpoints at airports reach the highest possible levels of performance.

Optosecurity developed and launched the world’s first and most utilised remote screening solution dedicated to airport security checkpoints. The company’s unparalleled expertise, support, and services are known globally. Its products have been deployed on over 160 lanes around the world and screened more than 40-million passengers.


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