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Unusual Workers Day Celebration: Aviation Unions urge workers to keep hope alive, write FG for assistance


ANAP, NUATE and ATSSSAN salute workers on May Day celebration…..

Aviation unions have implored workers in the Aviation sector to keep hope alive as the Coronavirus pandemic cripple activities in the global industry.

Labour Unions

In a statement to commemorate the International workers day, National President, National Union of Air Transport Employees, NUATE, Comrade Ben Nnabue says the day offers opportunity for organised labour to reflect on the vistas of collectivism and solidarity among global, national and sub-national labour fronts, and everything else in between.

“As we celebrate the Workers Day from the safety of our homes where the ubiquitous   COVID-19 pandemic has sentenced us all, we cannot but reflect deeply on the present and future conditions in the world of work as being dictated by the pandemic. While the immediate task is how to cope with the hardships imposed by income challenges, the short and long terms pose a different challenge. 

The NUATE President emphasized that to get the industry and economy back on track again is to join hands with the governments and the global community to defeat the virus.

“For as long as the pandemic lasts, our lives will remain under its control. The only way to get our lives back to normal is to defeat the virus. And the only way to defeat the virus is for all of us to work together. The citizenry, the governments at all levels, and the global community must join forces and combine efforts and move in the same direction.”

He stressed that the present dire situation cannot afford rebellion and resistance against government, adding that  all differences must be aside and cooperate with one another by being pliant to rules. 

“For this to happen each and all must play well their parts. In this case, the responsible role for us to play as good citizens is to comply with all rules and guidelines issued by all governments and their appropriate agencies.”

The  union called on the Federal Government to come to the aid of aviation companies and agencies as the worst hit by the pandemic, as it runs a very high risk of total collapse without government intervention or bailout, in one form or another.” We therefore hope that Government will not only listen to our plea but will accord priority and urgency to the aviation sector in respect of the expected intervention. In this regard, we expect also that the handling of workers welfare will play significant role in the extent of access by the companies to the bailout measures.”

Similarly, the President, Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, ATSSSAN, Comrade Illitrus Ahmadu in a statement used the May Day celebration to empathise with every player in the industry, including  the toiling comrades, who have traumatised by the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic.

He stated that the union is not unaware of the various regrettable assaults some employers are ignorantly directing against the innocent workers in their employment.

“While we genuinely remain accessible to every willing employer for constructive engagement to mutually address the negative impact of COVID-19, towards finding a win-win solution out of this present situation, we shall NOT accept this regime of unilateral and arbitrary cutting of our members salaries and declaration of unpaid leave. We are prepared to confront these assaults upon resumption with every vigour in us. This is not an empty threat!”

Comrade Ahmadu noted that the  Union, in conjunction with NUATE, NAAPE and ANAP are to quickly forward a passionate letter of appeal to the Federal Government for special intervention in the aviation industry, of which all business operators shall be the greatest beneficiaries.

“Though, without prejudice to what the various aviation businesses are passing through at this time, we sincerely see no reason while our members should be a target for victimisation, especially at this early period of the crisis.”

While applauding every frontline workers including the media for their monumental sacrifices in the fight against COVID-19, the union strongly enjoins, “our members to take strict compliance to the usage of the Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) seriously now and when operations fully resume at our various airports. Be assured that we are going to ensure that the required equipment are provided by Managements before we allow our members to be pushed to the frontline.”

The National leadership of Association of Nigerian Aviation Professionals (ANAP) while heartly felicitating with the Nigerian workers in Aviation industry says the unprecedented issues and challenges arising from the outbreak  of Coronavirus pandemic has deprived members the usual unique atmosphere and opportunity to engage in the traditional parades, speech making, rallies and other activities that are essential with this special moments every year. 

ANAP President, Comrade Kabir Guasau in a statement, commendsband appreciate all front line members who are on daily basis being exposed to risk of infections and death due to complications of COVID – 19 as humanity engages the unseen enemy in this global war.

“We earnestly demand for mutual sacrifice and cooperation so that we can collectively defeat COVID – 19 and the associated hunger in the land for a better tomorrow.Our solidarity must remain constant for the union makes us strong.My special regards to all the comrades and so far so good.”


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