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United Nigeria will strive at achieving excellence, integrity, adds PH route April 22


The Chief Operating officer, COO, United Nigeria Airline, Mazi Osita Okonkwo says, its operations, customer service and destinations have been organized to ensure excellence and pursue integrity as a goal.

This is just as the airline recently announced the addition of Port Harcourt to their routes with the inaugural flight on Thursday 22 April, 2021 from the Murtala Mohammed Airport Terminal, MM2 at 1.30pm.

Responding to questions during a press conference, Mazi Okonkwo said, they an organization that is very deep rooted into learning and into knowing their limitations and growing into their experiences, adding that Step by step, United is creating the necessary systems, processes institutions and organs that will help them achieve the target they have set for themselves.

He stated that, for an organization to be an excellent, it must identify all the weaknesses and the strength and be able to develop a widow of opportunity and mange the threats.

Mazi Okonkwo stressed that, their vision to unite is, “both micro and macro, micro in the sense that when you come to us, you have the promise that we will unite you to your destination, to family, to your friends, to your associates, the culture you are going to meet and from there we move to unite cultures, different cities in Nigeria, different cultures in Nigeria, different associations etc”.

“The unity we are talking about is an experience we want everybody that flies with us to experience to enjoy and to be part of. And we have started in a micro aspect of it, the way we have organized our customer service, the way we have organized our destinations and the way we are expanding into different parts of Nigeria, that is the plan and strategy we have”, he added.

Explaining further, the UNA COO said, their ability to respond to the challenge that are in the industry is also part of it, whether it is the inadequacies of the airport facilities, inadequacies to access to forex etc.
” We are also trying to cope with them and being open with our passengers, our customers, our suppliers, our vendors for them to know where we are coming from and how we intend to cope”.

“The goal we have set for ourselves if you go our website is to be an organization that has integrity that is predictable in terms of what it says and what it does, so integrity is a goal that we want to operate. Our processes whether it is with the NCAA, will be open, it will be verifiable, it can be attested to in terms if what is required, we are not saying that it will be 100% perfect but we will let it be known that we are acting as par the rules and regulations of the company”.