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UNA Celebrates 3 Years of Uninterrupted Flights: Evokes a sense of achievement and positive growth


United Nigeria Airlines marked a triumphant milestone on February 12, 2024, celebrating three years of uninterrupted operations since its inaugural flight.

At the anniversary celebration news conference in Lagos, the Chief Operating Officer Mazi Osita Okonkwo reminisced on the airline’s journey, weathering the storms of COVID-19, airport closures, and crew management challenges with unwavering determination.

Despite the initial uncertainties, he said, United Nigeria Airlines took off with resounding success.

Listing some of its successes, Okonkwo said, the airline secured its Air Operators Certificate (AOC), diligently maintained daily operations, and proudly welcomed 500 Nigerians into its family, with 80% seeing the airline as their first employer.

He celebrated the company’s dedication to human capital development and its role in nurturing future aviation professionals.

Expressing sincere gratitude to customers, partners, and stakeholders, Mazi Okonkwo announced the imminent milestone of one million passengers served.

The airline’s achievements extended beyond national borders, according to him in securing the prestigious IOSA certification and full IATA membership, fostering international collaboration and unlocking further benefits.

Challenges, however, were not absent. Mazi Okonkwo openly addressed operational difficulties, rising fuel costs, fluctuating foreign exchange rates, and inadequate airport infrastructure.

He emphasized the need for collective action to combat unruly passenger behavior and lauded the unwavering dedication of staff amidst operational hurdles.

Looking ahead, the COO outlined the airline’s commitment to long-term growth, fleet expansion, and regional route development.

Mazi Okonkwo called for continued industry support as United Nigeria Airlines sets its sights on exploring new markets and contributing to the overall aviation industry’s prosperity.

According to him, the airline remains committed to fostering internal routes and investing in airport infrastructure, recognizing its crucial role in the nation’s economic well-being.


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