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Towards a Connected Africa: WFLA Summit 2024 Highlights Role of Intra-Africa Travel in Economic Development

L:R: Minister of Tourism, Ms. Lola Ade-John and Mr. Toni Ukachukwu, Founder, Walk for Love Africa at the 2024 Seminar in Lagos.

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The Walk for Love Africa, WFLA, Summit 2024, held in Lagos Thursday March 28, 2024, saw an inspiring speech from the Minister of Tourism, Ms Lola Ade-John, highlighting the importance of intra-Africa travel and tourism collaboration. 

Under the theme “Intra-Africa Travel and Tourism Ecosystem,” attendees gathered to celebrate and reflect on Africa’s diverse beauty.

Minister of Tourism, Ms. Lola Ade-John emphasized the potential of intra-Africa travel and tourism to foster unity, economic growth, and sustainable development across the continent. 

She underscored the significance of initiatives like the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) in driving progress across various industries.

The minister stressed the need for partnerships and collaborations to promote the African Union Agenda 2063 and unveiled the untapped potential of Africa as a premier travel destination. 

She commended the organizers of the Walk for Love Africa Summit 2024 for their dedication to promoting intra-Africa travel and tourism.

Ms. Lola Ade-John urged continued cooperation and determination to build a brighter future for Africa through the transformative power of travel and tourism. 

In his Opening remarks, the Founder of Walk For Love Africa, Mr. Toni Ukachukwu Advocates for Intra-Africa Travel and Unity.

He emphasized the importance of promoting Intra-Africa travel, tourism, and trade for the continent’s prosperity and unity.

Speaking on the organization’s efforts, Ukachukwu highlighted WFLA as more than just a nongovernmental organization but a movement dedicated to fostering collaboration and unity across Africa.

“Our mission is to break down barriers, build bridges, and create opportunities for sustainable development through travel, tourism, and trade”..

He underscored the immense potential for growth and prosperity within Africa by promoting travel within the continent. 

The WFLA founder, emphasized that such initiatives not only boost local economies and create jobs but also foster cultural exchange and a sense of shared identity among Africans.

Through various initiatives including cultural exchanges, educational programs, and community development projects, he noted that WFLA has made a tangible impact on countless individuals, families, and communities across the continent.

However, Ukachukwu acknowledged that there is still much work to be done to fully harness the potential of Intra-Africa travel, tourism, and trade. 

He urged continued advocacy for policies supporting sustainable growth, investment in infrastructure and education, and promotion of responsible tourism practices.

While calling on everyone to join in the mission of building a more connected, prosperous, and vibrant Africa, he stressed the importance of unity, compassion, and collaboration in creating a future where opportunities abound, diversity is celebrated, and love knows no borders.

The event served as a beacon of hope and unity, inspiring attendees to work together towards a more prosperous continent.


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