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Touch Down Travels Offers New Travel Experience, Easy Pay System


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Touch Down Travels has unveiled an Experience Center in Almiralty road in Lekki, Lagos for people who desire to travel the opportunity to experience different destinations before actually travelling there.

The Experience Center on the Ground Floor, D’Galleria Mall on Admiralty way Lekki offers an array of destinations to different individuals who are travelling or are thinking of travelling but do not know where to go either for honeymoon, kids vacation, leisure or for business to experience any destination, see it, feel it and enjoy it without actually being there.

The idea of the experience center is to stimulate in people the desire to travel and encourage them to travel to any destination of their choice and experience it first hand at the center.

L-R: Bodunrin Olowolagba, sales manager, Nigeria, British Airways; Jamile Ebifemi, corporate, trade and account manager, Airfrance-KLM; Olufunso Ekundayo, chief operating officer, Touch Down Travels; Olaoluwa Bola-Sadipe, head of sales; and Ifeyinwa Omoleme, team lead, Agency sales, both of Delta Airlines, at the launch of Touch Down Travels Lekki Experience Center, in Lagos.

According to the Chief Operating officer, Touch Down Travels, Olufunso Ekundayo, in a chat with newsmen at the unveiling of the Experience Center, they are leveraging on technology and have introduced things like Virtual Reality tools, VR, to enable people experience the trips before they even go for it.

“lmagine a situations where you can actually take your kids to Disney land and your kids can actually experience the activities on Disney land before you even leave Lagos here, you see what it looks like, you experience it, you feel the thrill. Imagine you going to Zanzibar, you want to swim with the dolphins, going on a honeymoon package with newlyweds”.

According to Olufunso, this idea by Touch Down Travels is unique and first of its kind, adding that, they want to show how exactly travels should be managed, “the entire experience all the way from you just deciding or even when you don’t know whether you want to travel, you can experience the destinations before you actually do that and off course you get the best rates accordingly”.

He said, since 10 years of operations, the travel management company has featured prominently in the corporate travel market and with the unveiling of the center, the company is letting everyone know that they are not limited to the corporate space but concerned about getting this same services to everybody.

Olufunso Ekundayo

“We are available to customers, our doors are open, the same quality that we have been giving in the corporate space we are also extending that to everyday individuals. You can come here, the same 5 star service we give is also available to individuals, this why we set this up to say, this is how travel should be done, this is the end to end experience, when it comes to Touch Down travel you can sit down, relax and enjoy the services that we have”.

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The Touch Down Travels COO also disclosed that, they have introduced Travel Now and Pay Later, called Easy Pay which allows individuals to travel and pay for their travel in instalment.

“What we are trying to encourage is that you see this place, you desire it, do you want to pay for it over time,it is very possible, we basically have a location, you can book those flights, lock down those fares while they are cheap, we have our travel partners, we have a payment platforms KIV and you can plan your travel and do your payment, making life a whole lot easier.

He stressed that, “At Touch Down travels We are trying to solve two things, availability, the inventory which is making sure it is affordable, it is cheap and is affordable in this case and we also looking at the ability to pay, two things, availability and also the financial part of it”.

Explaining further, he noted that, “We want to do things differently, we want you to be able to immerse yourself in that place, in that location, we want to make you want to travel, the thing is, our services are open irrespective whether you are first or returning customers, our doors are open, it is not about just serving, just come and see what it looks like, just come and expand, broaden your horizons, understand what it is outside there without actually getting there, that is what we are trying to do leveraging on this place, the idea is to stimulate the desire to go outside”.

“It is an experience center, entire travel experience all the way from start to finish, touch down will hold you and hold you through that experience, giving you the best deals that are available, highest level of service delivery that you are looking at while at the same time having the high level of everything, we understand exactly our customers need, we are here to totally deliver great service to you”, he added.

Touch Down Travels foreign airlines partner who graced the unveiling of the Center applauded the initiative of the management saying, this would positively impact their businesses as it would help to increase their passenger volume from Nigeria.

The Corporate Account Manager, Air France/KLM, Mr. Jamile Ebifemi, said, the touch of experience they offer to their customers is topnotch and it is a wonderful experience and partnership.

“We look forward to doing more collaborations on sales on Air France/KLM with Touch Down. It is a wonderful structure, location and I believe it is going to bring about more exposure to Lekki residents, they will be able to access the good services we are offering at Touch Down Travels”.

Also, the Key Account Manager, United Airlines, Mr. Olumide Olaleye, speaking at the event said, Touch Down Travels is their top major trade partner in the Nigerian market and one of their top 10 trade management company giving value to their customers.

According to him, the Travel company is taking a step further with the experience center to get more business from customers that are within the location, adding that, this would add great value to the company.

“Am super excited, it is a wonderful things they have done here, I have been used to other branches of Touch Down Travels, the ones at Ikeja, Ilupeju and having to see a beautiful establishment, an outstretched arm of Touch Down Travels in Lekki, it is actually just shows that Yes, Touch Down Travels can go the extra mile to make customers happy”.


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