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The Trailblazing Journey of Mrs. Faithful Avokerie Hope-Ivbaze, FNIPR, in FAAN


Mrs. Faithful Avokerie Hope-Ivbaze commenced her journey with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria on April 5th, 1989, as an Executive Officer 1 on grade level 7.

She holds a 1987 degree from the College of Education Warri, Delta state, with a major in English and History.

Swiftly, within a year, she assumed the role of Head of Department at Benin Airport in February 1990, becoming the youngest female to hold such a position and the sole staff member in that department.

In pursuit of further education, she capitalized on the quieter atmosphere at Benin Airport, enrolling at the University of Benin and graduating in 1996 with a BA (HONS) in History.

Her dedication to on-the-job training, meticulous reading of handover notes, and self-sponsorship of responsibility and management courses characterized her 14-year tenure in Benin.

Though not officially nominated for training during this period, Mrs. Hope-Ivbaze demonstrated commitment, engaging in self-sponsored courses.

Notably, she actively contributed to the aviation sector, working with various stakeholders, hosting officials of Airport Council International in 2016, contributing to the rehabilitation of the Runway in 2017, achieving the certification of Abuja Airport in 2017, and overseeing the construction and commissioning of the new International Terminal in 2018.

Her career ascended steadily, culminating in her transfer to Abuja Airport in 2005 as the Head of Department, marking another historic feat as the first female to hold that position.

She also embarked on aggressive marketing initially with her family car to enlist the registration of more protocol clients from two to sixty-five when she arrived, thereby increasing the revenue generation of the Department.
With the registration of more clients, the Protocol services gained more recognition from management and other stakeholders at the airports.

In Abuja, she initiated effective filing systems, implemented aggressive marketing strategies, and played pivotal roles in notable projects such as the hosting of ACI officials, the runway rehabilitation, airport certification, and the construction of a new terminal.

In 2022, she assumed the role of Acting General Manager of the Corporate Affairs Department, subsequently becoming the substantive General Manager after meeting statutory requirements.

As a trailblazer, she was honored as the first female Fellow of the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations in August 2022 in the department of Public Affairs in FAAN.

Despite facing challenges, she exhibited resilience, and in 2023, she became the General Manager, Protocol and Passages, following a reorganization in the aviation sector.

Further changes in December 2023 led to her acting as the Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, making her the first female to assume that role.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Hope-Ivbaze prioritized human capacity building, promoted staff training, and spearheaded significant projects, including the commissioning of Terminal Two at Murtala Muhammed International Airport and the establishment of a new Protocol lounge in the General Aviation Terminal, Lagos.

Amidst her diverse roles, she maintained active involvement in the media and fostered positive relationships.

Her extensive experience, dedication, and remarkable achievements underscore her impactful contributions to the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria.

In conclusion, Mrs. Faithful Avokerie Hope-Ivbaze expresses gratitude for the opportunities to work with FAAN management, staff, ministry and National Assembly officials, the media, and other aviation stakeholders. She wishes them continued success in the years ahead.

Mrs. Hope-Ivbaze is happily married to Chief Hope-Ivbaze, and together, they are blessed with children and grandchildren.

In recognition of her distinguished career, I present to this esteemed gathering Mrs. Faithful Avokerie Hope-Ivbaze, FNIPR.


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