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‘The story of Ubulu Kingdom’

Secretary of the Book Launch Committee and representative of Ubulu Okiti, Ubulu Unor, Ngozi Onwordi; Author of the book-“The Story Of Ubulu Kingdom”, Mrs. Esther Wright Nwogwonuwe and representative of Ubuluisiuzor, Onowu Afred Obi Mbanaso; representative of other Ubulu communities in Ukwani, Hon Moses Chukuwendu and the Odafe of Ubulu Uku, Chief Elue Ikezue during a press conference in Lagos recently announcing the lunch of the book coming up on April 15 at Ubulu Uku, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State.


…….launch on April 15

A new book -‘The Story Of Ubulu Kingdom’ written by Mrs. Esther Wright Nwogwonuwe will be launched on the April 15th, 2017 at Ubulu Uku in Aniocha South LGA of Delta State.
The 324-page book, Published by Opelsey Ventures is a historical documentary of the people of Ubulu put together in 8 chapters by Mrs. Wright, a UK based author.
Announcing the launch of the book in a media briefing held recently in Lagos, the author said that the work was the result of 10 years of research which she started many years ago.
No fewer than 12 communities drawn from Ubulu Kingdom attended the media briefing organized to officially announce the book launch.
Commenting during the briefing, Ichie Dike of Ozubulu, Engr (Chief) Emma Udedike commended the author, stressing that all Ubulu communities are proud of the author of “The Story Of Ubulu Kingdom”, Mrs Esther Wright Nwogwonuwe.
According to Chief Udedike, “We are proud of our daughter and we give him support for more research. There is no part of South East of Nigeria that you don’t have Ubulu community.
“We believe this work would give others around us the desire to dig deep and document their history for now and for generations unborn. We are Ozubulu, and we are with Esther Wright and Ubulu descendants on this movement to sustain our heritage and to stay as one united people”.
Similarly, Odafe of Ubulu Uku, Chief Elue Austine Ikezue applauded the author thanking him for the great efforts she has put to write the book.
The Odafe expressed his support to Esther just as he notified the audience that he was carried along during the very beginning of the book which he thought was only a child’s play ab-inition.
In his remarks, the Onowu of Ubuluisiuzor, His Royalty, Onowu (Sir) Alfred Obi Mbanaso said that the gathering is not just only about the book launch but a celebration of the culture of the people, adding that Mrs. Esther Wright has done wonders.
“What the work started in 2005 by Esther has succeeded in doing is putting our collective history in a book that would speak for us now and in the future. The work has also succeeded in bringing Ubulu descendants back to the home of the original tree ‘Ubulu’ that gave Ubulu a name. All sons and daughters of Ubulu would gather to celebrate the story of Ubulu Kingdom and the birth of a movement, the Ubulu Descendants Movement. On behalf of other Ubulu towns in the east: Ubulu Oru (Ihejiofor), Uburu Ekwe, Oke Uvuru in Aboh Mbaise, Ubulu Ntu, Uvuru Uzo-Uwani, Uburu Ohaozara and others, we stand with Esther Wright and Ubulu Descendants on this movement to find , locate our people, sustain our heritage and to stay as one united people”.
According to Hon Moses Chukuwendu, “the Ubulu Descendants movement is just beginning and we are set to discover all who descendants of Ubulu are. As a people with common ancestry, we would look out for each other and work with each other to sustain our cultural heritage and be a people to be reckoned with politically, economically, socially and culturally. I am representing the Okwele Ubulu, Inam Ubulu, Umubu Amai, Amorji Ubulu and Obetim Ubulu and we are with Esther Wright and Ubulu descendants on this movement to sustain our heritage and stay as one”.
Secretary of the Book Launch Committee and representative of Ubulu Uku, Ubulu Okiti and Ubulu Unor, Ngozi said “we are with Esther Nwaogwonume, Wright and Ubulu descendants on this movement to sustain our cultural heritage and to stay on as one united people, unstoppable by distance or any barrier just as our ancestors did when they set out to establish Ubulu Kingdom and now Ubulu Towns.
Apart from community leaders, well-wishers, Ubulu Uku sons and daughters and journalists attended the colourful event.
Esther Nwogwonuwe Wright, now lives in the United Kingdom with her husband. Born to Regina & Dennis Nwaokolo Nwogwonuwe of Ubulu-Uku, Delta State, Nigeria. She is the last child in a family of eleven.
She obtained The Nigerian Certificate in Education from the Warri College of Education (Institute of Education University of Benin), a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Dramatic Arts from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, A Filmmakers Foundation Certificate (Raindance UK).
She has written and directed many stage plays, has a feature film ‘De Aliens’ to her credit and featured as guest speaker at several notable events in Nigeria. She was a guest speaker at the National commission for Museums and Monuments Asaba on International Museum Day (2011). She published her first book ‘Buo-ona’ a prose in African literature in 2001.
This is her second book. Her work has been published and reviewed in numerous Nigerian newspapers including: Punch, Daily Independent, Daily Sun, New Age, Daily Times, The Comet, The Pointer, Vanguard and in September 2005 she appeared in Nollywood magazine. She is a devout Christian who loves storytelling, photography, writing and is well travelled. Places visited include: Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Jericho, Republic of Benin, Italy, Nederland & Germany.

She had also seen the beauty of France and one thing that had fascinated her in all her trips is the unique and diverse cultures of people. Her goal is to write more books, make more films and documentaries.


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