Six airports on Red Alert over possible attacks by criminal elements


The Ministry of Aviation has put all heads of airport security on red alert over possible attacks on six airports in the country has created fears in the minds of Nigerians and the travelling public.

The memo dated 9, 2021 revealed that airports on the list are Kaduna, Maiduguri, Sokoto, Kano, Abuja and Lagos.

The memo signed by the Deputy General Manager, Administration and Logistics, FAAN, S. M Mamman says, it received a warning from the Ministry of Aviation regarding security threats by “criminal elements against Airports in Nigeria, and to request the immediate enumeration of appropriate countermeasures for the safety of Airports/Facilities under your purview”.

They are also requested to submit a list of current and additional counter-measures to combat the risks, along with their cost consequences where applicable.

The memo says, “Submit a list of current and additional countermeasures to combat the risks, along with their cost consequences where applicable”.

“Airports in Kaduna, Maiduguri, Sokoto, Kano, Abuja, and Lagos, among others, are at the top of the list for which criminals are considering carrying out attacks. Both airports, however, are being notified and asked to operate at a higher threat level”.

The Aviation Ministry is yet to respond to this recent development, Director Media in the ministry, Mr. James Odaudu says he is not aware of the memo and cannot comment on it.