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Sirika desires private sector run industry, assures no government control in National carrier


The Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika says, he would like to see the Nigeria aviation industry continue to be private sector led and driven.

He stated this when he was asked as a panelist what he would like to see when he ceases to be minister at the World Government Summit, WGS, 2022 taking place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

According to him, in order to have more efficiency and safety in the sector, “we have added, 50 million capacity to four airports recently, we are building more runways, treating the issues of ANS and all of those things that would make aviation smooth, efficient, safe and the most preferred option of transportation”. 

“If you look at the continental Africa, the only way AU Agenda 2063 can be achieved is really by aviation because rail and road takes tremendous quantum of money to establish and maintain over continent of 54 countries in 34.4sq kms of land”.

On the proposed National Carrier, Sirika said, as agreed, it would be 100% private and 5% government.

He assured that, there would be no government step in, no government control and no membership of board.

“Totally private, committed to private sector. whatever we said we would do in 2015 is happening that is why, emirates, qatar all of them, they are looking to go to Nigeria in multiple frequencies and multiple landing points because Nigeria is the candidate and the best country to provide airline business because the people travel”.

The minister gave reasons why Nigeria is a candidate for a national carrier.

He said, “Because Nigeria is situated in the middle of Africa, equi-distance from all locations, Africa is 30.4 million sq kms of land mass, 1.4 billion people, a very green and virgin land and Nigeria, if West and Central Africa is the belt of Africa, Nigeria is the buckle because 200 million people, rising middle-class, propensity to fly is high, that is why Nigeria is a candidate”.


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