Sierra Leone expresses preparedness for ICAO audit with BAGAIA’s assistance


The Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SL- CAA) says, it looks forward to a successful audit by the  International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

 This is because the Banjul Accord Group Accident Investigation Bureau ( BAGAIA) said it has made progress with the Sierra Leone Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau ( SL-AAIB) to ensure the country’s preparedness to play in the globally stage.

The Commissioner of BAGAIA, Engr. Charles Irikefe Erhueh speaking after  BAGAIA’s five-day Assistance Mission to the West African country said, progress had been made in  the country’s Civil Aviation Act 2023 Bill (the Act), the regulations i.e SL-CAR part 13 which deals with aircraft accident and incident  investigation. 

Others are; compliance checklists and have completed the State Aviation Activity Questionnaire (SAAQ), ICAO Protocol Questions (PQs) as well as restructuring the Bureau’s Organogram.

Engr. Erhueh while in a meeting with the Sierra Leone Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kabineh Moinama Kallon disclosed that, the combined team from both the Regional Accident Investigation Organisation ( RAIO) and Sierra Leone have reviewed the Training Manual as well as drawn up career progression of staff.

The Commissioner added that the staff of the Bureau needs basic/in-house  training on accident investigation hence the need to have its secondee’s from Nigeria on time to put them

He again emphasized on funding, urging the Minister to make a commitment  towards the payment of the subscription that the BAG- group agreed on to ensure Assistance Missions like what is currently happening is replicated in other climes in need.

According to him, BAGAIA ought to have been in Sierra Leone long before now but  was hindered  due to paucity of  funds.  

Responding, the Sierra Leone Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kabineh Moinama Kallon assured he would  discuss with his DG SL-CAA, Commissioner SL-AAIIB on the issue of outstanding subscription and see how the country can make payment despite low finances.

He however said as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, it will be difficult for him to speak to other ministers regarding payment of subscriptions if his country has not paid, stressing, “I need to lead by example”. 

On the upcoming audit, the Minister appreciated BAGAIA stressing it has been  helpful to SL-AAIIB. 

“We have promised the president of Sierra Leone that we are going to pass the ICAO Audit this time around. For a long time now, Sierra Leone is yet to pass the ICAO Audit but with all  these relevant assistance offered by BAGAIA alongside other organisations, we are confident that we will pass it this time around.”


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