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Security Checks: Non-Compliance to spark stringent measures at Bole Int’ Airport..ET GCEO


..urges passengers to declare valuables, money to avoid..

Ethiopian Airlines’ Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mesfin Tasew, has urged passengers transiting through the Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to always declare their money and other valuables.

This is just as he denied the alleged maltreatment of Nigerian passengers using the airport.

In an exclusive interview with Nigerian journalists in Addis Ababa, Tasew explained that, security checks are a standard practice for transiting passengers and a straightforward procedure designed to prevent illegal activities, such as smuggling or unauthorized possession of large sums of money.

He highlighted the necessity for passengers carrying significant amounts of currency or valuables to declare them with customs upon arrival in the country.

According to the ET Group CEO, the airline makes repeated announcements on board to encourage passengers to declare amounts exceeding $10,000 or equivalent, as well as substantial quantities of gold, ensuring compliance with both national regulations and international security practices. 

The CEO further clarified that passengers found carrying prohibited items, such as drugs or weapons, would be subject to appropriate legal actions, underscoring the airline’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and security. 

“Sometimes they find people who are not in compliance with both the national regulation and international security practices. Let me give you an example. Some passengers are found carrying drug. If they are found carrying drugs, definitely they are not allowed to continue their flight. The security people will take them under custody. If they are found carrying weapons without permission, they do the same thing until they investigate and see that it is an approved weapon and so on. When some passengers are found to be non-compliant, they can go under the custody of police”.

“70% of our passengers are transit through Addis Ababa. It’s only 30% that come in and go out. 70% come from cities where we fly and go to cities where we fly, transiting through Addis Ababa. And the transit time in Addis Ababa varies from 20 minutes. Some passengers connect in 20 minutes. They just disembark one aircraft and board the next aircraft in 20 minutes”.

“Up to a few hours, three hours, four hours. Sometimes it may go up to four hours. But most are within a range of one hour and two hours. Like any other airport, as passengers transit through the airport, they undergo security screening. You have to pass through security. If I travel to Frankfurt and want to go to London, then I have to pass through security screening. It is international practice. 

“The second problem that we witness is that some people carry a lot of money on paper, a lot of dollars, or valuables like gold in large size or dollars for example in tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands in their bag. If they are transiting without coming to Addis, the security people don’t touch them if they stay at the Airport. They can carry the money because it’s their money, they are not coming into the country.

 “However, for some reason if they want to pass a day or a night to get their connection and they have to come out to this hotel in the city, the national regulation says that all passengers carrying over 10, 000 dollars or equivalent or gold beyond the normal ornament, have to declare it to customs on arrival.


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