Season of deportation: 50 Nigerians sent back from 8 EU countries

Deportees at MMIA lagos

It is a season of deportation and return of Nigerians from other countries.
Their stories in thesis countries are usually takes of woes especially the returnees.
In the past one year over 1,000 Nigerians have voluntarily return home from Libya where they went to seek greener pastures.
Over 200 have also be deported for issues regarding immigration offenses and for drug related matters.
The latest are 50 Nigerians deported from eight European countries over immigration and drug related offences.
Some of the countries are Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Austria and four other European countries.
Others are Belgium, Spain, Hungary and Sweden.
This is coming barely 48 hours after 40 Nigerians were deported for the same reasons from Italy and a week after 23 Nigerians were equally repatriated from United Kingdom.
The latest deportees arrived the country through the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos with a chartered aircraft with flight number P6-6991 by 7:40am.
The deportees comprised 47 males and three females, they were sent back home over fake documents, illegal channels were others overstayed in the countries after the expiration of their visiting visas and for drug trafficking.
On arrival, the officials of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) at the airport profiled the deportees while those with criminal offences were handed over to Nigeria Police for further prosecution.


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