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SDS lounge to fete BA premium customers assorted cuisine


Premium Customers of British Airways flying from Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja will be treated to  kingship reception before departure, courtesy of Strongground  Delivery Services Enterprise (SDS) lounge services which has provided a world class lounge for BA passengers.

Strongground Delivery Solutions Company (SDS Services) is a Nigeria registered company that specializes in the provision of world-class hospitality lounge  services both within and outside the Nigeria aviation industry.

At a ceremony attended by major stakeholders in aviation sector, the newly set up Lounge  is a replica of one at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos in which a tired and exhausted BA premium customers are to treated assorted  cuisine and pleasure .

Speaking at the event, BA Customer Service Duty Manager (Abuja) Mr. Jide Oladoye said BA customers deserve royal treatment.

“They deserve it, and today marks  a turning point for our customers; particularly our premium customers. Definitely our customers are going to relate with this experience. For a while now, they had wanted great experience in our lounge.  This is just the beginning, because by the time we moved to the new terminal, I’m sure we are going to even do better than what we are having here today “,said Oladoye.

Federal Airport Authority Nigeria (FAAN) Regional Manager, Mr.  Mohammed Sanni said SDS Lounge is the best of its kind.

“This is a  well furnished, equipped lounge. We pray they moved to the new terminal  where you will see a more improved facility they( customers) can  enjoy. We have always insist we should improve our facilities time to time for the comfort of our passengers.  With this development, I’m  not surprised it has queued in into our plans”, Airport Manager, observed.

FAAN  Chief Security Officer, Abuja international airport, Mallam   Mohammed Tijani Yakassa lauded the initiative.

“It’s  a good innovation . I’m really impressed with the way  they changed the pattern of the Lounge.   Initially the Lounge was not as large as we have it now. The way it’s transformed now is very interesting. They have done  a good innovation job here. Initially the Lounge is for BA, I think there is a co-operation now between BA and SDS. Probably the DDS are now going to manage it on behalf of British Airways. The British Airways passengers will be using it. Most  of the passengers will be surprised including those that have been using it. By the time they come back they will be surprised with changes that have taken place “, he said.

BA Global Lounge Manager Mr. Lukasz Wyrzykowski expressed satisfaction with the newly commissioned lounge under the management of SDS.

“In Nigeria, we have our lounge  in Lagos at the international airport and in Abuja .I’m Impressed with what I see here today. The lounge is beautiful. We have been operating in Abuja for about twenty years now. We operates a daily flight, we operates first class. Therefore, we have many customers who expect to have a lounge before they go on board of our aircraft. We are working with SDS, we refurbished  it  to a very high standard. We have got beautiful furniture, we improve our catering proposition so that customers can enjoy; have something to eat before they go on board the flight; they can have a drink , they can have some wine, coffee and they have  a selection of foods”.

“We have a real working partnership with the SDS in Abuja.  They helped us to developed the Lounge .I have seen the two terminals and I’m happy they are looking great. At some point we will move to the new terminal and this will be massive improvement for our customers “, Lukasz said.

Speaking with New Telegraph, SDS Regional Manager, West Africa Rashika Sunker said the hospitality firm handles other reputable airlines.

“Apart from BA ,We have Emirates, we have Air France and  we have Lufthansa .We have lounge  in Lagos as well. And we have Turkish airline in Abuja. We are looking forward to moving to the new terminal in partnership with BA . For  travelling passengers,  before they board the flight, they  like to be given that place where they can check email, relax and get comfortable treatment at a  good comfort zone before getting to flight. Now we have been able to provide it for BA. I’m  sure they are going to be very happy. We are  looking forward to the new terminal, where we will provide ultimatum relaxation, beds ,shower . creating ambience to travelling passengers so that they can revitalise before they take a flight “, said SDS’ Regional Manager, ( West Africa).


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