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SAHCO Secures Contract to Elevate Ground Handling Services for Rano Airlines at NAIA


Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO) Plc has secured a contract to provide Passenger, Baggage, and Ramp Handling services for Rano Airlines at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.

SAHCO will manage four daily flights for Rano Air in Abuja. Established in 2019, Rano Air is a licensed airline committed to enhancing the personalized and seamless experience of both domestic and international travel, with its hub situated in Abuja.

Expressing satisfaction with the partnership, Bashir Abdullahi, Rano Air’s Head of Ground Operations, highlighted SAHCO’s selection based on their proven excellence in ground handling services, making them the top choice among competitors.

Notably, SAHCO stands as the sole Ground Handling Company present across all commercially operated airports in Nigeria. This extensive coverage, coupled with their reputation for seamless, safe, and prompt service delivery, has instilled confidence in both existing and new airline partners.

SAHCO’s exceptional quality of service has attracted foreign airlines seeking dependable and dedicated ground handling operations. The company’s well-trained workforce, characterized by unwavering integrity, ensures activities align with global best practices, further solidifying SAHCO’s position in the aviation industry.


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