Revolutionizing Arrival: Minister Unveils Renovated E-Wing with Streamlined Processes at MMIA Lagos


The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos celebrated a day of excitement with the launch of the renovated and automated E-Wing.

The enhanced E-Wing, boasting 32 counters, aims to streamline the arrival process, eliminating the typical queues during passenger profiling.

During the facility’s launch, adorned with artifacts showcasing Nigeria’s cultural heritage, the initiative received applause from invited guests and airport staff.

The Minister of Interior, Mr. Olubumni Tunji-Ojo, emphasized the NIS’s commitment to ensuring a hassle-free arrival for passengers.

Plans are underway to introduce the Electronic Gate (E-Gate) by February 2024, minimizing passenger interaction with NIS officers for verification and capturing.

Tunji-Ojo highlighted that the E-Gate would facilitate arrivals without unnecessary queues, except for individuals of interest or on the watchlist.

He emphasized that ordinary Nigerians entering the country need not engage with immigration officers unless security concerns arise.

Furthermore, the minister noted the simplified passport application process, with fingerprint capture being the only required visit to the NIS office.

Acknowledging the NIS’s progress in passport issuance, he commended the collaboration with partners, NNPC/SNEPCO, for renovating the E-Wing.

The Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Mr. Kabir Mohammed, considered the renovation as a symbol of progress and a commitment to seamless passenger transit.

Mr. Kabir, represented by Capt. Muktar Muye, Director Operations, emphasized the significance of Murtala Mohammed Airport as a gateway to Nigeria and a hub for sub-Saharan Africa.

He expressed optimism that the improved facilities would enhance the overall travel experience.

Comptroller General of NIS, Adepoju Wura-Ola, praised the Minister of Interior for transformative leadership, seeing hope for the country with the right individuals in key positions.

Mrs. Adeola Adesokan, the elated Comptroller NIS at MMIA, expressed gratitude to NNPC/SNEPCO for supporting their quest for efficient passenger processing, citing the increased counters as a boon for officers’ tasks.


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