Revitalizing Nigeria’s Airports: A Strategic Approach to Infrastructure Development


Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, has raised concerns about the lack of a comprehensive master plan for the country’s five major airports., namely in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano and Enugu.

In a recent interview, he described the absence of a guiding blueprint as akin to building a house without a foundation, questioning the direction and sustainability of past approaches.

Recognizing the critical need for strategic development, Keyamo outlined plans to rectify the situation. He pledged to implement a master plan “befitting Nigeria as a country,” one that reflects its aspirations and positions it as a leading aviation hub within Africa.

This renewed focus on planning signals a potential turning point for Nigeria’s airports.

With a clear roadmap in place, the nation can aim to improve efficiency, modernize facilities, and enhance passenger experience, ultimately solidifying its status as the “Beautiful Pride of Africa” in the aviation sector.

Here are a summary of the interview.

Upon assuming office, a critical issue addressed by the Minister is the absence of master plans for Nigeria’s five international airports. The absence of coherent plans led to disjointed development and a lack of modern infrastructure. He outlines the initiative to rectify this situation, securing funds in the 2024 budget and collaborating with international design consultants for world-class airport development.

He identifies a concerning trend of stop-start, uncoordinated development in the airports, lacking a comprehensive aerotropolis master plan. Recognizing the importance of strategic planning, Keyamo advocated for master plans for all five international airports. The National Assembly’s positive response in allocating funds for this initiative in the 2024 budget is highlighted.

Master Plan Development:

To address the lack of master plans, Keyamo said, he engaged with world-class international design consultants. The analogy of designing a house serves to emphasize the importance of having a proof plan before seeking funding. The ambition is to elevate Nigeria’s airports to international standards, comparable to those in smaller countries worldwide.

Modern Airport Concept:

He emphasizes the need for modern airport concepts, moving beyond traditional runway and terminal structures. The vision is to create a total ecosystem, incorporating hubs that include areas for five-star hotels, convention centers, shopping complexes, and future integration with rail and road transport.

Strategic Land Use Planning:

The Aviation and Aerospace Development Minister, Festus Keyamo highlights the significance of strategic land use planning for the next 30 years. The proposed 25,000-hectare plan for Lagos serves as an example, emphasizing the importance of knowing where each building, road, rail, and shopping complex will be. This meticulous planning aims to attract concessionaires by presenting a clear vision for the future.

Avoiding Pitfalls:

Attention is drawn to past mistakes, such as the lack of a master plan leading to obstructed airport operations in Lagos. A comparison with Abuja, which successfully expanded with a master plan, emphasizes the importance of systematic growth.

Committee Formation:

He explains action has been taken with the formation of a technical committee, comprising local and international consultants, tasked with overseeing the master plan implementation for each of the five airports. The commitment to engaging the best consultants globally showcases the ambition to transform Nigeria’s airports into world-class facilities.


Keyamo concludes with a strong emphasis on the importance of master plans in guiding strategic infrastructure development. By learning from past shortcomings and embracing an ambitious vision, Nigeria aims to position its airports among the best in the world, fostering seamless growth and attracting international recognition.


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