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Retired FAAN staff to contest removal of certain benefits in court


Retired Management staff of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria(FAAN)  are set to drag the Management of the Authority before the Federal High to contest the removal of certain aspect of their retirement benefits. 
The planned action is coming on the heels of an earlier 14-day ultimatum issued last week by the FAAN branch of Nigerian Union of Pensioners  to restore their monthly pension and emoluments in full.
 Also to be contested at the court is the refusal of the Management to review their pension every five years as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999,Section 173 subsections 1,2,3 & 4.  The National Chairman of FAAN branch of NUP and National Administrative Secretary, Comrades Rasak Ope and Emeka Njoku told journalists last week, said that at the expiration of the ultimatum on 6,August,2019, and nothing was done to ameliorate their grievances, all FAAN pensioners throughout the country would stage public protest.  

According to competent sources close to the retired management staff, some of their leaders have been making widespread consultations on plans to sue the present management in the law court and seek the interpretation of the Section173 of the 1999 Constitution as it relates to their agitation. The Section 173 States inter-alia that:
(1) Subject to the provision of this Constitution, the right of a person in the public service of the Federation to receive pension or gratuity shall be regulated by law. 
 (2) Any benefit to which a person is entitled in accordance with or under such law as is referred to in subsection (1) of this Section shall not be withheld or altered to his disadvantage, except to such extent as is permissible under any law, including the Code of Conduct.
(3) Pension shall be reviewed every five years or together with any Federal Civil Service salary reviews, whichever is earlier.
 (4) Pension in respect of service in the public service of the Federation shall not be taxed.

The aggrieved management staff in supporting the FAAN-NUP noted that since the lawful agreement was entered into in 2008 and the implementation had been duly respected by all the previous managements without default, except the current management under Captain Rabiu Yadudu who had flagrantly violated agreement signed years before his appointment and also disregard the country’s Constitution as regards the rights of pensioners under the law. 

They claimed that the implementation of the said agreement started during the tenure of Mr. Richard Aisuebeogun as the head of management years back and all the previous managements, except now under Captain Yadudu and reminded those advising the current chief executive that one day they would also become retirees who will want their benefits paid without hindrance  or cut in their entitlements.

Meanwhile, in preparation for the August 6 street protest, FAAN branch of NUP has pasted posters with various inscriptions at strategic areas of the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja,Lagos alerting members of the public of their planned protest and called on FAAN pensioners across the country to converge at FAAN headquarters, Lagos for pre- protest general meeting tomorrow.


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