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Renowned Ex-NTSB Accident Investigator applauds the feats of Akin Olateru


The Former Managing Director, United States’ National Transportation Safety Bureau (NTSB), Mr. Dennis Jones has applauded the giant strides of the Accident Investigation Bureau – Nigeria (AIB-N) under the leadership of Engr. Akin Olateru.

He said, he has been following activities of the bureau as far back as 2002 when the organisation was a department in the Ministry of Aviation as Accident Investigation Prevention Bureau (AIPB), but the massive feats since 2017 is worth commending.

In a letter sent to the Bureau and addressed to the Commissioner, Engr.  Olateru, Jones said, since 2017, he took over the reins of leadership, his achievements has been extraordinary.

Some of the achievements according to him included expansion and modernisation of the AIB, building structures, launch of the training centre, modernisation, compilation of a competent and professional staff and connectivity to cyberspace through a prominent website combined with the admirable use of apps and social media.

Jones added that the foreign assistance by AIB-N, also provided in the acceptance and successful completion of a delegated investigation, stressing that this marked a shining achievement of Olateru.

“As such, I can confidently say that the gains and strides made by AIB-N under your leadership have been extraordinary, if not altogether unprecedented and consequently the organisation has become a world-class and premiere accident investigation organisation worthy of global recognition for its contribution to aviation safety and as an exemplary model of being an enterprising government agency”.

“The growth, expansion and modernization of the AIB, including the building structures, launch of the training center, modernization, compilation of a competent and professional staff, connectivity to cyberspace through a prominent website combined with the admirable use of apps and social media along with interacting with the mainstream media have been fabulous”.

The former NTSB MD further described Olateru as a visionary leader who had used his position to distinguish himself since his appointment as a Commissioner in AIB-N, stressing that he had placed himself in the upper echelon of luminaries in the aviation safety community and beyond.

He added, “You undoubtedly have demonstrated the character, skill-sets, and acumen to achieve greatness, if such has not already occurred, in whatever future endeavours you choose. The Nigeria government and public have been well-served during your stellar tenure at the helm of AIB”.

Transformation of AIB-N to NSIB
The Federal Government had last week repealed the AIB-N Act 2006 and replaced it with the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) Act 2022.

The Supreme Court of Nigeria also gazetted the new Act, which has further expanded the scope of work of the bureau.

With this, the nomenclature of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in AIB-N has changed from Commissioner to Director-General, NSIB.

The NSIB is now responsible for the investigation of air, marine, rail and other modes of transportation serious incidents and accidents in Nigeria and anywhere the country’s interest is affected.

AIB-N with its investigations and timely release of safety recommendations has in the last seven years enhance safety within the sector.

This would now be replicated in other modes of transportation in the country.
Expanding the operations of AIB-N into a multimodal agency was one of the cardinal programmes of Olateru, the Commissioner of the bureau when he assumed office in 2017.

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) had approved the proposal for AIB to investigate multimodal incidents and accidents in 2018 and a bill to that effect was presently at the National Assembly for approval the same year.


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