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Regulation: NCAA Needs To be More Independent, Firm…Ogochukwu

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A cyber security and aviation expert, Mr. Ifeanyi Ogochukwu wants the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to do its job without referring to government for a better aviation industry in Nigeria.

This is just as he emphasized that the NCAA needs to be more firm, independent in regulating the industry.

In an interview, Ogochukwu advised that any issue that has to do with safety and security in aviation environment should be taken seriously, adding that the smallest of problems can become colossal damage that may lead to loss of lives. 

He said “NCAA should not look back in terms of ensuring that the standards are met with regards to aviation regulation and all of that”.

On the impacts of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on Nigeria Aviation, Ogochukwu said that ICAO has actually done a lot of training programmes for Nigeria particularly for the regulator. 

According to him, when there is a strong regulator for the country, every other thing works, adding that, if the impacts of the ICAO training were felt, Nigeria would have had a better aviation.

On ICAO’s commendation for Nigeria on improved security last year, Ogochukwu said “So for me, security is a continuous thing and its demands that we don’t do security for security sake, we don’t have to  wait for ICAO for oversight, No, we should actually have our internal self regulatory system that does oversight for ourselves so that when ICAO comes, it becomes a fact that guys you guys are doing well and it would trying to defend this and all that, so need to do continuous oversight for ourselves”.

Ogochukwu also pointed out that, when it comes to oversight, what ICAO basically looks at are the books and often times, it is not about the physical environment and despite the commendation, security environment is not okay, it is still porous. 

Explaining further, the security expert added “I mean you keep hearing of stowaway and all of that, it is still happening. The point now is that we can do much better that we are doing today; our airports are not secured the way it should be secured. Take Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) for example, perimeter fence, where is it? There is encroachment on the airport land, people enter the airport and steal from aircraft that are parked on the taxi-way. We need to do better than what we are doing right because in as much as Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) is doing what it needs to do but it is not enough; it is not adequate and we need to ensure that our airports are secured so that we wouldn’t have infiltration of people who have no business in the airport coming to create havoc. 

Proffering solutions, Ogochukwu suggested that Nigeria needs to be more involved in the ICAO global affairs, adding “we are not involved in other things other than ICAO,most committees in ICAO Nigeria is not really involved; so we need to start pushing our people to join those committees. Government needs to sponsor people, they might not be inside Nigeria Airspace Management Agency, NAMA, NCAA, FAAN but specialists who are aviators they need to be part of these committees”

“I give you an example, I used to attend ITU meetings in Geneva, Switzerland, there was one guy from Iran, he doesn’t work for government but he has been attending that meeting for 40 years, he knows everything about what is happening in the telecommunications globally, Nigeria needs to have people like that where they are still working or not because they become a guide to the next generation because they carry history of what is happening in aviation globally”, Ogochukwu said. 


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