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Promotion/Stagnation: FAAN boss promises to resolve all Labour concerns


The Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria FAAN, Engr Saleh Dunoma has assured workers of resolving labour matters concerning stagnation and promotion in the organisation in accordance with due process.

Engr. Dunoma who made this promise over the weekend in Lagos shortly after the inauguraton of National secretariat of Association of Nigerian Aviation Professionals ANAP in Lagos said due process would be strictly adhered to in resolving the stagnation and promotion of some workers in FAAN to ensure that it was rectified once and for all.

The FAAN boss noted all requests made by ANAP would be quickly looked into and assured of his support for unions in the organisation to ensure that peace reign.

On the withdrawal of condition of service from the the salaries and wages commission as a result of delay in the implementation, Engr. Dunoma advised ANAP to prepare a new one to be sent to the minister of State for Aviation for consideration.

Earlier, the Secretary General, ANAP, Comrade Abdulrasaq Saidu commended the FAAN boss for his contributions towards the welfare of workers in the organisation.

Comrade Saidu appealed to the him to provide them with conducive space to build their National headquarters.

He explained that the union had been enjoying his fatherly role in resolving the issues of stagnation and promotion but noted that the salaries and wages commission was not up and doing in handling the issue of condition of service for workers of all the aviation agencies.

“We advised the human resources should not take the condition of service to the salaries and wages commission in view of the fact that salaries and wages, the Federal government is not funding the salaries of aviation parastatals”

“We have written a letter to the minister to retrive the condition of service with the salaries and wages in the past seven years because the man there has outlive his usefulness”

Saidu said the union would be forced to protest the removal of those in the salaries and wages commission that were stumbling block to the full implementation of the condition of service.

Saidu commended the FAAN boss by rewarding what he called human dignity by providing the office for the union.


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