Home Travel Private Travel: Avantefly App debuts, promises memorable experience, quality service

Private Travel: Avantefly App debuts, promises memorable experience, quality service


Engr. Bria Okonkwo, Avantefly boss

A One-Stop Application called Avantefly has entered the travel market to make air travel seamless and enjoyable.

The App is aimed at giving the best of luxury to its customers from all over the world traveling from and to Nigeria at an affordable rates on luxury charter private jets, helicopters, hotels and cars.

Clients are positioned to enjoy grandeur, memorable experience when they click on Avantefly App to search-book and pay for guaranteed quality service.

Unveiling the Avantefly digital mobile App in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Bria Okonkwo explained that, with the increase in the use of private jets, it became important to make this means of travel seamless for the patrons.

She said, many patrons have been disappointment in seeking such services because of excuses of non-availability of private jets and helicopters and having to go through the stress of securing their choice of cars for pick-ups and hotels.

According to Engr. Okonkwo, this is the gap Avantefly has come to bridge, a solution to every clients need 24/7 promising that, they will never compromise the privacy, comfort and safety of its clients.

“AvanteFly is here to mitigate these problems by making assets available and accessible to people who can afford them. We also want to make sure people can travel when they want and how they want. Our plan is an easy one, we ensure that our service delivery is top class with an international standard. We have a world class standard to uphold so we do everything within our power to keep our clients happy”.

Avantefly she said, has partnership with with 10 private jets and 3 helicopter companies with up-to-date Air Operators Certificate, AOC and with good safety records.

As regards the hotel, the Avantefly boss said, they have 30 luxury cars for clients at any time of the day and partnership with 8 hotels, adding that, the clients will have the opportunity to choose of multiple payment options, door to destination solutions and shared flight options and would keep away the middlemen from the purchase of tickets giving the operators a fair deal.

The Avantefly boss emphasized, “The COVID – 19 Pandemic has created huge triggers propelling global high demand for travel in the luxury travel category. This motivates us as a company to embark on a study which reveals the rise in demand for business jets. While the growth in demand is untapped, we observed that brokers were taking advantage of the opportunities without full benefits to the owners of the aircraft. This motivated us to consider a platform digitally driven that offers solutions to this need.”

She stressed that, patrons of private jet services do not need a brokers as they could simply” go online today, click private jets, UK, you see a list of companies, you click on their website, order a jet, pay online. Your plane is right there. The honest truth is unfortunately for the brokers, they cant really stay too long”.

She added, “A lot of money is wasted because these operators pay for international fee and you cancel, who bears the brunt of that cost? Not the broker but the operator, so lets not try to make some people happy and others unhappy, its about being fair on the investor and being fair is being fair to the operator who has spent money to purchase an asset and not the broker, unfortunately. So if we sit here are talk about brokers, we not being fair to the operator.


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