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Passengers stranded as unions picket Arik, management say it is illegal


Management of Arik Air has threatened legal action against unions in the aviation industry over the disruption of their operations and blockade of the entrance into their headquarters premises.

The unions the National Union of Air transport employees, Nuate, Air transport services senior Staff association, Atssan and the National Association of aircraft pilots and engineers, naape this morning picket the airline carrying inscription of varying types, like ‘Arik do want staff to unionize’ reinstate sacked union leaders ‘ and so on.

The unions prior the picketing through it larger body,  United Labour Congress, ULC had directed oil marketers not to supply fuel to the airline to embark on flight operations.

Scores of the airline’s passengers are currently stranded across airports in the country due to the unions action.

Reacting to the unions action,  the management of Arik Air in a  statement said their action was illegal.

The statement read:”It has come to the attention of the Arik Management, (under Receivership), that the Lagos State branch of National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE),  Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ATSSSAN) and  National Association of Aircraft Pilot and Engineers (NAAPE)  has directed their members to picket Arik airline.”

“We hasten to say that the motive of this picketing is unclear to Management and their action is therefore illegal. It is a well-known fact that Arik is under Receivership following various challenges experienced over the last few years, which include delays and cancellations of flights, delays in payment of salaries and huge debts to trade creditors and suppliers, bad corporate governance and a host of others. “

“In exercise of its statutory powers under the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) act a Receiver was appointed over the affairs of Arik Air on February 6, 2017. With the assistance of AMCON, salaries are being paid including backlogs, on time performance has improved from 15% to average of 80% and fuel suppliers that hitherto quit doing business with Arik are happily doing business with the airline. “

“For the record, the Management had engaged with its staff and is convinced that there is no reason to picket our airline, which is facing challenging times. “

“The focus of the Arik Air management is to stabilize the operations of the airline and enhance its ability to play a positive role in Nigeria’s aviation industry. Therefore the Management of the airline advises the unions to steer clear from undermining the operations of Arik Air. Management would take every legal measure at its disposal to stop any illegal interference with its operations. “


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