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Passengers passports to be suspended for 6 months if they fail to test for Covid day 14 of arrival


The Coordinator, Presidential Task Force, PTF on Covid-19, Dr. Sani Aliu has appealed to passengers coming into the country
 to make sure they pay for their Covid-19 PCR test by day 7 of arrival.

Dr. Aliu who made the appeal during the PTF briefing in Abuja said,  If passengers do not have a test for Covid-19 by day 14, the passport of such a passenger would be suspended for 6 months.

“Our system will pick up those passengers and if it is very clear they have not had a test for Covid-19 then their passport would be suspended for a period of 6 months.”

He stressed that it was therefore important for non Nigerians, adding that if they failed to comply, their visas on their way out would be canceled.

“So they might have difficulty coming into the country. It is very important we keep to this protocols because it is a protocols designed to ensure safe opening of our airports and it is the only way we can quickly open up our airports without further delay allowing passengers to come in.”

The PTF Coordinator also disclosed that over 14,000 People were evacuated to the country on emergency and special flights into the country from May till August, 2020.

“In terms of the numbers from May till August 2020, we have undertaken evacuation and emergency flights into the country.”

“There have been in many instances were passengers have left with PCR results that were negative and upon arrival at the time when we use to tests within a day or two of arrival having positive results, in fact of the passengers that came into the country and we had more than 14,000 evacuated on average about 5% of them tested positive for Covid-19 even though they had a negative PCR on boarding.”

On payment for the Covid-19 PCR tests for intending passengers, Dr. Aliu urged them to complete all boarding formalities electronically to avoid spending hours attending to such formalities on arrival.

“It is faster for the passengers if they have their health questionnaire filled before boarding and it is electronic because the system for clearing at the airports is very quick.”

On the difficulty being experienced as regards payment online for the Covid-19 tests, the PTF coordinator said, if the problems with payment persisted, they would not insist on evidence of payment before boarding.

 “But we will be releasing a strong recommendation to airlines that preferably people come on board with a QR code, it will be a strong recommendation but will not preclude boarding.”