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Overland gets IATA’s membership and IOSA certificates


• Lauds Overland Airways’ Safety Commitment
• Confirms Overland Airways In Big League In Global Airline Safety
• Overland Airways Commits To Enhanced Customer Service, Economic Development

Lagos, February 02, 2017: Overland Airways, Nigeria’s frontline airline, has been presented with the Certificate of its Membership of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the Certificate of International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Registration by IATA.

Overland Airways became a Member of IATA in July 2016, and has since been listed among 268 global airlines that control about 83% of global air passenger traffic. Overland Airways also successfully achieved the IOSA Registration in June 2016 after the rigorous audit process, which further endorsed the airline’s excellent operational safety standards over the past 15 years of its existence.

The presentation which took place at a ceremony in Lagos on January 25, 2017 involved key regional officials of IATA in West Africa and the executives and personnel of Overland Airways.

Capt. Edward Boyo, the Accountable Executive and Chief Executive Officer of Overland Airways, received the Certificates on behalf of Overland Airways from Dr. Samson Fatokun, the Area Manager, South West Africa of IATA.

According to Capt. Boyo: “The joy of a leader is the success of his team. It is a joyful day for us as we are here to receive our IOSA Certificate and IATA Membership Certificate. The successful audit of our operational safety gives our passengers the assurance that Overland Airways is doing the right thing, which we are more than ever now committed to.”

On the attainment of IATA Membership by Overland Airways, Capt. Boyo says: “We are very proud and pleased to be associated with IATA. Membership of IATA brings further confidence to our customers. We celebrate being a member of IATA, and our goal is to maintain the membership and make an impact in that group. We have to make constant effort as an organisation to grow. To maintain our Membership requires working hard, which is one of our core values. The enhanced IOSA is coming up and we have to work hard to achieve that. Membership of IATA is related to IOSA. We have to continue and the sky is not even our limit.”

Dr. Fatokun states that IOSA is a rigorous requirement for airlines. When an airline passes the IOSA audit, it can be said that it has attained a high level of safety and does not require any other safety audit. IOSA is also in line with (EASA), the European Aviation Safety Agency safety benchmark, and other global safety standards for airlines.
He applauds Overland Airways’ determination to successfully undergo the audit, which has the same requirements for the world’s biggest airlines, noting that some other airlines who started the process of IOSA audit before Overland Airways, were yet to close gaps identified. “IATA certificate is another milestone that puts you in the premier league of airlines,” he says. “You should be proud of this achievement.”

Dr. Fatokun further notes that the IOSA programme is continually improved, hence, it requires a lot of work; noting, however, that when safety becomes a culture sustaining the IOSA standard can be easily achieved.

He urges Overland Airways to participate actively in IATA Committees in setting industry standards, adding that the airline stands to benefit from the Membership.

The Chief Operating Officer of Overland Airways, Mrs. Aanu Benson, states that “the IOSA Registration and IATA Membership are essential ingredients as Overland Airways steps up its contribution to economic integration in Nigeria and the West Africa region.
“Overland Airways is now better positioned as an economic development vehicle open to partnerships with governments and the private sector especially major global and regional airlines.”


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