‘Our equipment are highly dependable’…. Capt. Akinkuotu


Managing Director of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), Captain Fola Akinkuotu has described the newly installed and calibrated Instrument Landing System (ILS) as well as other navigational aids at the Kaduna International Airport, as “highly sophisticated and dependable equipment

Captain . Akinkuotu who made this observation during an assessment tour of the facilities noted that “the successful landing of the Ethiopian Airline Jet- Boeing 787 and many  local flights at Kaduna  since the closure of the Abuja airport is a pointer to the fact that our navigational aids are performing optimally and can contend with the increased traffic on a 24-hour basis”.

Akinkuotu who is also an aeronautical engineer extolled the ingenuity of NAMA engineers “for doing a good job on the installation of the ILS,” describing them as highly experienced. He explained that the components of the ILS including the Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), Localizer and the glideslope have two channels so that while one is working, the other is on standby, ensuring uninterrupted and seamless performance.

He said the agency has two generators to ensure steady power supply, and expressed worry over the huge amount spent  in providing power to the navigational facilities as that of the national grid is either very low or epileptic.

To mitigate this challenge, he said plans were underway to deploy solar energy to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all the equipment and cooling systems.


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