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Osaze Lawrence: The new Sheriff at Okomu


L:R: Mr. Frank Meke, travel/tourism cconsultant and Mr. Osaze Lawrence, in charge of Okomu National park.

Written by Frank Meke

Osaze Lawrence, maybe a son of the soil, but he may shoot his way out to restore peace and tranquility at Okomu National Park which in recent times, has experienced sustained abuse of its pristine environment and plundering of its rare species flora and fauna resources by powerful syndicates of earth rapers. 

Osaze, was here, about 26 years ago as project manager with Nigerian Conservation foundation, which originally conceived the protected enclave as a sanctuary to shield its unique white throated monkeys and active birds life from the hands of poachers. 

Okomu forest landscape is not new  to Osaze, and posted back here a month ago by Dr Ibrahim Goni, Conservator General of federation to redeem Okomu from degradation and unbridled invasion by criminal loggers and their entrenched untouchables in the communities surrounding the Park, there is no doubt this sociology and environmental science trained officer, will shoot at sight against troublers of this biosphere space and ask questions later.

Pained but determined to turn around the fortunes of Okomu with the help of his boss in Abuja, Osaze Lawrence welcomed my deep introspection on how Okomu National Park came to this strange bend.

“I won’t bother myself with whatever might have happened in the past,  the call here is to restore sanity and from what you have heard from our stakeholders, we are going to clean up the stable and anyone within or outside,  privy and supportive to the invasion of the Park, will be dealt without mercy “he told me. 

Can tough measures and local Intel efforts,  checkmate the heavily armed illegal loggers and dangerous hunters targeting Okomu? Will the people impoverished by their leaders and misled by agent provocateurs in communities, with hands deep in collaboration with thieving loggers and Bush meat smugglers, be contented to work with the new sheriff in town?.

“I want to believe we can get the communities back on track and am looking forward to policing new processes of engagement and from what you saw today, it is apparent the people wants the best for Okomu, and we have assured, we are going to keep Okomu free from the agents of darkness” Osaze further explained. 

In an apparent show of progressive and positive intent, the communities representatives, took time off for a group pictures, singing, ” it go sweet us, ehn go pain them, a timely message to all who maybe on either side of the divide to Okomu National Park restoration agenda. 

“ehn go pain them, is a warning soundtrack to illegal loggers and earth rapers who may wish to dare my team in Okomu, ” Osaze Lawrence, stated as we mingled with stakeholders, happy that their son, is back on the mission to rescue their commonwealth from  the hands of poachers and invading loggers mercenaries. 

Surely, better days are here for Okomu National Park rebound.


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