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Orji Kalu offers recipe to stem herdsmen killings


……..Says Buhari’s visit to US has enhanced country’s foreign image

……Says controversies trailing APC ward congress part of democratic process

All Progressive Congress (APC) stalwart and former Abia State Governor , Dr Orji Uzor Kalu on Wednesday offered a recipe to stem the spate of killings in some sections of the country urging State Governors in the affected region to rise to the responsibility of being chief executive officers of their domain by utilizing their security funds to secure their people.

Kalu said superior intelligence gathering and collaboration with security agencies by state chief executives will go a long way in eliminating the increasing killings if governors rise up to the task.

This is just as he said alleged crisis and controversies trailing nationwide ward congresses by the APC as part of agreements and disagreements that characterize democratic processes.

Kalu said difference in opinion by politicians as a result of ‘interest’ is not peculiar to the APC , but all political parties.
Speaking on arrival from London at the arrival hall of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Kalu also spared a thought for the recent State Visit of President Muhamadu Buhari to United States describing it as evidence of the global acceptance of Nigeria in the international arena.

Besides, the views held by some political parties, Kalu said the U.S. Visit by Buhari clearly demonstrates Nigeria’s rising image on the global arena.

He said :” Let me tell you, it is difficult to see any president in the world that two major countries in a space of four weeks will get to them.
“It is only showing the position and confidence the world powers are reposing on Buhari and that shows you that the door is opened.
“Some other presidents needed state visit to the US but they didn’t get it. A matter of less than three years, Buhari is given red carpet in the White House. I know some other presidents that spent more than six years , they did not get such recognition.

“So we are very proud that our image is changing and everybody is respecting Nigeria and maybe very soon, Buhari will be in China may be in September again to sign more deals.
“The world powers have confidence in what he is doing.”
On the APC ward congresses , Kalu said :” The state of the party is good. What is happening here today is even smaller than what happened both in 1999 and 2003.
“What is happening to APC today is a minor issue compared to what happened in 1999. In Abia, we did congresses 23 times.

“You can see that there is peace everywhere after the APC congress.
“Human beings must disagree. It’s politics. Everybody cannot say yes. People must disagree to agree. So, what is happening is democratic.”
On the opposition of Obasanjo and some retired Generals , including T. Y. Danjuma to Buhari’s second term bid, Kalu said :” Danjuma has not openly opposed the bid by the president to seek re- election.
Danjuma has not joined forces with others against Buhari. It is not true, those saying so are not saying the truth .
Danjuma , is a gentleman, he is my boss and friend, a man with a broad mind , he has not joined Obasanjo in his mission to stop Buhari. When Obasanjo was pursuing his third term bid, Danjuma

” I can assure you that Buhari and the APC team is on track .
People who are saying negative things about the government is not a true reflection of the situation.
” No president can do anything that will satisfy or please Obasanjo. Nothing done by any other president is good for him except that done by himself, that is the nature of Obasanjo.

Nobody could do anything that is good in his eyes, except that done by him. That is the nature of Obasanjo.
I can assure you that the international community has rejected him, Obasanjo is no more relevant in the United Nations, in the United Kingdom , in the United States, they have all rejected him, he is only a superstar in African Union.
” Nobody recognize Obasanjo anymore , because of the damage he has done to the country , the problem we are going through in this country is caused by Obasanjo .
Many Nigerians know this that truth about Obasanjo, but they are afraid to say it because they afraid of being punished by somebody. That is not right , that is why he continues to right letters .

” In APC we do not consider his letters seriously, and nobody is taking his letters seriously .
I personally wrote Obasanjo a letter on the alleged corruption during his eight years rule and he has not replied me.
I am going to publish that letter very soon for young Nigerians to see .
He is busy labeling everybody corrupt , let him tell Nigerians how to suddenly transformed from a broke farmer in 1998 to a billion in the years that followed .
How did he come by the mansions in Abeokuta.
When I visited him in 1998 in his Ota Farm with President Babangida , to convince him to run for president in 1999 , Ota Farm was dead , where did he get the billions of naira he put in Ota Farm from.

Nigeria is a country where people are not asking questions, people like Obasanjo should be resting in jail .
He is not supposed to be crossing this Lagos Airport as I always do , he is supposed to be in jail.”
On the spate of killings across the country, Kalu said :” The recipe remains very simple, governors of the states should stand up , use their security vote to tackle challenges of insecurity in their domain, they should exercise their powers .
“Most of the governors we have now are not experienced. They are not doing their job, everything does not rest with Buhari, I get angry when they blame Buhari for everything in their state.

“They should should emulate Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos, he is a good governor, he is not calling on Buhari to tackle security challenges for him, Ambode is using his security funds to tackle challenges in his area. They should copy what Ambode is doing . Those governors who are complaining should do their job . They should put the security fund where it is supposed to be.

“Police should be given insurance, extra allowance , this will motivate them and other security agencies to be more committed to the job .
“Governors should utilize their security votes to fix challenges associated with killings .
“Only few governors are doing well , so people cannot be blaming Buhari and Osinbajo for the problems of their states.
Governors should take charge of their states and exert their authority.”
He assured that APC will not lose elections in Ekiti State because of disagreement among the governorship aspirants affirming that the repeated primaries is to strengthen the part for the forthcoming polls.
He said :” Let us give them the chance to get it right . We are not losing any election.”

Kalu said Nigeria will finally exit recession in January 2019′, as government is reflating the economy through funds injection, borrowing and other interventionists measures.
” This hard times cannot go overnight, but government is trying to fix it , our youth are working very hard this days , some have gone into farming and other activities to get out of recession .”

On alleged constitutional infractions by Buhari prompting some senators to call for his impeachment, Kalu said the National Assembly should be allowed to do their jobs.
” The legislators should be allowed to do their jobs, whether they have done it rightly or wrongly I cannot say , so they have the right to do their job , but I am sure that a clean president like Buhari could commit impeachable offence.
” If the lawmakers feel Buhari has committed impeachable offence, it should be discussed in the National Assembly . And we will see how well it will go. ”

On the position of Catholic Bishops concerning killings in Nigeria, Kalu said government should listen religious leaders because they play a conciliatory role in society .
He said :” I cannot speak for the Catholic bishops, but I am convinced that the church has a huge role to play in the polity .
For in stance in Imo State, where Governor Rochas Okorocha and the Catholic Church are quarreling , there is need for reconciliation.
Buhari has got no problem with the church, but there is need to harmonize issues and relationship.
I hope that Okorocha tries to reach an accord with the Catholic Church , even the Church takes an extreme position the governor should try to normalize with the church .
One person should not quarrel with the crowd. There is a need for the church and government to have a good relationship.

The church and government have a role to play. Politicians should mind what they say about clergymen.
Religious leaders should be watchful about what they say.
I advise Governor Rochas Okorocha to reach out to the church to get the blessings of the church , because it is very good.
If you fear God, you can do well and do many other things very well.”


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