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No room for half-baked products in Aviation… NCAA tells ATOs

Rep. DG NCAA, Ag. Director Lisencing NCAA, Cletus Umeh

Fall below industry expectations risk being step down”.

The Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, Captain Muktar Usman says any approved Aviation Training Organizations, ATOs that fall short of industry requirements will be de-registered.
This is just as he warned that any ATOs that admit students without the required qualifications would be viewed seriously.
This was the warning to Aviation Training organizations, ATOs at the recent meeting of the Association of African Aviation Training Organizations, AATOs in Lagos.
Captain Muktar Usman said the NCAA would no tolerate half baked products being pushed into the industry, adding that this would not be allowed in an industry like aviation that is heavily regulated.
” So implore you to be up and running, no sentiments, you are my brother, you are my friend, you must keep it aside, off course safety is everybody’s business, a regulator cannot be there 24/7, the ATOs you must know what you are doing”.
He added, “Please for the interest of humanity, the industry, Nigerian airspace, you cannot be producing half baked product, it cannot hold water, you know why? Any foundation that is not solid, anything you build, it will crumble, it will collapse”.
Captain Usman represented by the Ag. Director Lisencing, NCAA, Mr. Cletus Umeh emphasized solid foundation for training, competency based training.
He stated that, ATOs in Nigeria were many in Nigeria but those approved by the NCAA to leave up to industry expectations in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO standards.
“Don’t  assume anything, if one goes by the book, you will never get it wrong, here is not an academic institution, aviation is a professional body”.The NCAA boss also stressed the need for ATOs to employ instructors with the requisite qualifications to build a strong aviation industry.
“NCAT is our premier institution, regional training center of excellence, you cannot give what you don’t have, CEO or accountable manager, it is not just enough to provide finances, you must know what they are doing, so that you can employ or deploy finances at the right place where it is most needed”.
“The importance of abnitio training cannot be over stressed, it is very, very important, we have a lot of ATOs, for your interest, you better leave up to your expectations, you have our certificate, those of you that train for License and I tell you the truth, you may be my friend but please, if you are not leaving up to expectation, you will be step down because they are becoming too many. Don’t say you know somebody in NCAA, keep it aside, for you to be our friend, you must do it right”.
The NCAA boss urged instructors to always go for their training: recurrent, proficiency training, train and retrain.”Don’t say I know it all, it’s never the truth, don’t say am an instructor I know it all, you must research that’s the only way, otherwise you will be left behind”.


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