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No approval letter, No Visa On Arrival, as seekers create problems for Immigration


NIS expands E and D wing, VOA lounges

It is now the habit of some visitors, business men/women to come into the country without the vital documents needed to allow their entry.

The Visa On Arrival, VOA, introduced by the Federal Government aimed at Ease of Doing Business has been capitalized on by some foreigners who come into the country without first getting approval for VOA from the Comptroller General before embarking on the journey.

This has become a headache for the Nigeria Immigration Service at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos.

Investigation by our correspondent revealed that on a daily basis some people arrive the country without having the required documents for Visa on arrival which includes the approval letter from the Comptroller General and evidence of payment online.

The approval letter according to the Nigeria Immigration Service after security checks on the individual to ensure he or she is not on the watchlist is 48 hours and the validity is 14 days.

It was also gathered that many visitors have been turned back for failure to get the necessary documents before embarking on the journey, an action the NIS officers are bent on continuing in compliance with the directive by the comptroller General.

The immigration officers at the Lagos airport have insisted that without the correct papers, no Visa on arrival, no entry into the country, adding that allowing such individuals based on sentiment could be risky for the country.

In a related development, to ensure seamless Visa on arrival in line with the ease of doing business, the Nigeria Immigration Service has expanded the E and D arrival wings of the Lagos airport to assist in passenger facilitation.

The offices in the Visa on arrival lounge have also been expanded to accommodate more people and staff for them Service to do their job and facilitation without any hitch.


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