NIS MMIA cautions against perilous journeys as Gambia hands over 9 Nigerian Stowaways


L:R: Leader of The Gambian Immigration Officials and the NIS MMIA Comptroller Mrs Adeola Adesokan

Nine Nigerian stowaways, aged 21 to 30, have been repatriated by The Gambian Immigration Officials after attempting to enter Europe.

The ship captain was reported to have spotted them, prompting immediate alerts to security agencies in the neighboring country.

They were returned via ASKY to Lagos and handed over to the Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS Murtala Mohammed International airport MMIA Lagos.

The stowaways, expressing regret, revealed they were influenced by friends who had successfully reached Europe through the same route.

The Comptroller, Mrs. Adeola Adesokan, cautioned against such perilous journeys, emphasizing the risks.

She acknowledged The Gambia Immigration Officials for their support.

The stowaways vowed not to undertake such missions again, attributing their actions to being misled by others.


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