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NIS Cracks Down on Unprofessional Activities at Seme Border


Minister of Interior, Olubunmni Tunji-Ojo

In a decisive move, the Minister of Interior, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, has expressed deep concern over reported unprofessional activities at the Seme border and issues a direct order for immediate action to eradicate such behavior.

Responding to the directive, as contained in a statement by the Service Public Relations Officer, Aridegbe Adedeotun, the Comptroller General of Immigration, Caroline Wura-Ola Adepoju, declares that if proven true, the alleged misconduct will result in severe consequences, emphasizing that such actions contradict the values upheld by the NIS.

Expressing dismay at the alleged behavior, the CGI assures the public that thorough investigations are underway to address the matter promptly, adding that, the NIS remains committed to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and service to the nation.

In light of the allegations, the statement says, the NIS is implementing strategic changes at border crossings to ensure the seamless passage of migrants while safeguarding national security. 

The Comptroller General personally oversees these changes to address shortcomings and reinforce a culture of accountability within the Service.

Acknowledging the importance of public trust, the NIS encourages the general public to report any unprofessional conduct through official platforms:

Twitter: @Nigimmigration

Instagram: Nigimmigration

The Service assures the public that all feedback and complaints will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken to address any misconduct.

Confident in the support of the Minister of Interior, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, and his commitment to fostering a disciplined workforce, the Comptroller General believes that the NIS will overcome challenges and strengthen its dedication to professionalism, accountability, and public trust.

She assures, the NIS remains steadfast in its mandate to ensure border security and facilitate the smooth movement of people, appreciating the public’s cooperation in maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and accountability.


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