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NiMet DG Champions Agency’s Empowerment Through Landmark 2022 Act


…Management Sensitisation Workshop Sets Foundation for Effective Implementation

Prof. Mansur Matazu, the Director General of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet), highlighted the significance of the Agency’s Establishment Act 2022 during a Management Sensitisation workshop.

Enacted on August 16, 2022, by former President Muhammadu Buhari, this legislation is seen as a major milestone, enhancing the Agency’s capabilities and effectiveness in fulfilling its mandate.

Expressing approval for the program, Prof. Mansur emphasized its importance in empowering staff to navigate the new legislative landscape, acknowledging the Act’s impact on roles and responsibilities.

Alhaji Saleh Yusuf Tukur, representing Prof. Matazu, stressed that understanding the Act goes beyond individual roles, emphasizing collective success through departmental contributions.

The Director of Legal/Agency Secretary, Hamza Idris Yamel thanked the DG for allowing the Legal Department to explain the NiMet Act amendments to Management staff. 

He highlighted the workshop’s critical role in facilitating the effective implementation of the Agency’s statutory functions, aiming to apprise Management of new amendments and their implications on daily operations and the legal landscape.

Mr. Yamel expressed hope that exploring the amendments would clarify their impact on the Agency, stakeholders, and the public. 

The sensitization workshop’s main objectives include familiarizing Management staff with key provisions in the NiMet Act 2022, explaining their implications, and suggesting a way forward for effective implementation.

This workshop marks the initial step in establishing guidelines for sector-specific regulations to ensure compliance, monitoring, and enforcement of the new Act’s provisions.


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