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Nigeria Aviation Industry 2018: A stakeholder assessment

ART President, Elder Gbenga Olowo

By Elder Gbenga Olowo

2018 witnessed modest effort by Govt, it’s agencies and practising stakeholders.

Airport, Airlines ,Airspace experienced some growth with Accident Investigation Reports delivering maximally.

These efforts should translate more into good results during 2019 in spite of being the election year faced with strong apprehension.

Since 2014 aviation business outcome in Nigeria has been on the decline year on year (YOY) basically due to economic recession and yet to improve difficult environment of doing business despite effort of government to EASE the process.

No thanks to the bureaucrats and their different agenda especially hinged on security. Nevertheless, Nigeria Aviation market remain strong and good for Investment.

Government at the centre should remain focussed at stimulating private sector driven aviation sector during 2019.

Airport concessioning remain only in statement over 4years ,action is required against existing airport government monopoly.

Lagos Airport deserves much more attention in terms of growth strategy, INTERMODAL CONNECTIVITY and top of the rank security and technology apparatus because Lagos comes as a natural West African hub and currently generates 60/65 % revenue , sustaining the remaining unviable Nigerian airports.

The new international airport in Abuja delivered by government as Xmas Gift must not be one of those commonwealth wastes consequent upon poor/ lack of schedule Maintainance. ACs, toilets,baggage conveyor belts,etc must function in 2028 as it is in 2018 when it was commissioned.

Airport ,Airlines,Airspace growth must grow simultaneously. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Nigeria.

Elder.Dr.G.O.Olowo President Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative.


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