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NIGAV Awards: Sirika urges successor to prioritize safety, make industry more attractive to investors


.….sirika clinched award as the ‘Aviation Man of the Year 2022’.

The Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika has appealed to his successor to love making the industry safe, secure and efficient, even if he or she may not like the current government Aviation Roadmap.

He stressed that, if the industry is made the preferred mode of transportation,  people will invest and make good returns.

The Minister, in his remarks at the just concluded 12th Nigeria Aviation Awards NIGAV,  held in Lagos said, the sector under the Buhari led administration was commitment to safe and secured flights from departure and arrival points because of the installation and upgrade of critical safety facilities.

“As we leave the centre stage, we will continue to contribute our quota to the development of the industry, just like those who have left before us. I only accept 3 awards out of about 300 and it is for a reason”.

Sirika explained that for 15 years, the runway 18 left at the domestic airport runway  had been without airfield lighting and reduced to daylight operation but now has come alive and functional.

He also announced that, the center taxiway at the Lagos airport has been fixed and now functional, adding that only an aviator will understand how this has contributed to safe and efficient operation.

 “The passenger is worried about air-conditioner, lifts. Toilets and the ecstatics. They are very important items, they must work, it is part of passenger facilitation. But if you happen to be a policy maker or the manager of the scarce resources and if you happen to be a core aviator, then your focus will be more on the safety and security and the efficiency of the sector, as against the ecstatics”.

“I am not claiming that we are not paying attention to those, the testimony that we have lots and lots on terminal buildings, especially the big 4 with Enugu coming up, makes a huge statement as to our attention to those things that we think are second grade of our activities”.

He commended all those who have Air Operator Certificates for services they have been providing and assured them of government support to continue. 

“The Air Peace, Max Air, Ibom Air, Aerocontractor, Green Africa and others. The testimony is such that during Buhari’s Administartion of 2015-2023, the numbers of airlines have doubled in Nigeria. It is first time ever. In fact, there is a global believe by ICAO, IATA and others that aviation doubles every 15 years. That has been long debunked by the Buhari government, because within the first 4 years, we have doubled aviation” 

The Minister applauded the organiser of the event, Mr. Fortune recognizing those who have contributed immensely to the industry’s growth and development, adding that, for someone to take it upon himself to organise and access people who contributed to the industry is a unique huge task. 


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