NCAA welcomes stakeholders contributions to the proposed amendment to the NCARs 2015


The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is giving opportunity to all stakeholders in the industry to contribute to the ongoing amendment on the new Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (NCARs) before its implementation.

The DGCA, Capt. Musa Nuhu had in circular with the reference number: NCAA/RC/005/2023, dated February 12, 2023, called on all stakeholders’ reviews, contributions and comments.

According to Capt. Nuhu, a committee had been set up to attend to the recommendations and contributions of all stakeholders in the industry and the public.

The committee he noted, was set up in accordance with Part 1.7 of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations 2015.

In the circular, stakeholders are given up till March 21, 2023 for their contributions and review which is to be sent to a committee set up for that purpose.

Their comments or contributions are expected to be submitted through emails, hand delivery or courier to the DGCA through the Chairman of the regulation committee set up to entertain to stakeholders contributions.

The circular read in part: “All comments and responses received by the Regulations Committee Rulemaking Working Group 2022 in accordance with Section 3.7 of the NCAA Approved Rulemaking Process Policy and Procedures Manual (RPPPM).
“Kindly note that all proposals shall be submitted not later than March 21st, 2023.”

He said that the review and eventual implementation would bring the regulations in compliance with Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) as contained in the latest amendment of the Annexes to the convention on the International Civil Aviation signed in Chicago in 1944 and include some pertinent national issues.


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